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Is this Fuchsia Rust? A few of my outdoor potted Fuchsias look like this.

On plant Fuchsia




If there is orange dust or pustules beneath the leaves, then its got rust,but to be honest, it also looks like it may be suffering Fuchsia Gall Mite, because of the twisted, contorted appearance of the top shoots. RHS lists treatments for rust control on its website, and also lists Fuchsia Gall mite as having no treatment - however, there was a treatment for the latter, see here

but its been withdrawn - if you've got a bottle of Westland Plant Rescue Bug killer for Ornamentals knocking about though, use that, but you won't now be able to buy it.

10 Oct, 2016


Thanks Bamboo, there are no pustules or any dust beneath the leaves so I guess it is Gall Mite.

I don't have any of that Bug killer so am tempted to cut all the stems down to a couple of inches and destroy all the damaged foliage.

10 Oct, 2016


Well its worth a try, but the recommendation from the RHS is to remove and destroy infected plants to avoid its spreading - but horse, bolt and door spring to mind....

10 Oct, 2016


I have now cut all thirteen of the potted Fuchsias down to a couple of inches, much cursing too!

I'll move them from their terracotta pots to plastic ones, with fresh compost and leave them be for the Winter but am not hopeful they will revive.

I bought a Fuchsia magellanica 'Riccartonii' at a Wisley plant fair in September last year and now wonder if the problems stem from that as they were all fine before.

Most of the Fuchsias have been grouped together on the patio all Summer.

10 Oct, 2016


Maybe, maybe not - this infection, when it first arrived, was notifiable, but itsn't now because its widespread through the UK.

10 Oct, 2016


Oh no, I didn't know that.

11 Oct, 2016


terrible really, if you love fuchsias...

11 Oct, 2016


Bamboo, I'm going to ditch them all after reading up more about the Gall mite. First time anything like this has affected my plants. Oh well, win some, lose some!

11 Oct, 2016


Oh dear, what a waste...fingers crossed I haven't come across this yet - got one garden with two hardy fuchsias, okay so far..

11 Oct, 2016


Just read that Riccartoni is especially susceptible. Might be worthwhile notifying the nursery if you can remember which one it was. I have over 20, and what about poor Hywel? I hope the mites don't speak Welsh...

12 Oct, 2016


Stera, I contacted the nursery yesterday and hope they reply to me. They are based in North Wales and were selling plants at Wisley last year.

13 Oct, 2016


Oh dreadful....Bamboo is probably right....what a waste is right :<(

13 Oct, 2016


Oh dear Shirley. I hope they didn't spread it around at Wisley too... if it takes hold in the rest of the country there will be a lot of unhappy people around.

13 Oct, 2016


Motty, at least the hardy ones, 'Lady Boothby' and 'Mrs. Popple' seem ok, phew!

Stera, it seems to be a problem on the South coast only at the moment.

15 Oct, 2016


True, but lots of things start there and spread northwards later... (its being so cheerful keeps me going)

15 Oct, 2016


Ha ha Stera! :o))

17 Oct, 2016

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