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False Aralia


By Peteg

Bristol, United Kingdom Gb

This is a House Plant question! I have two False Aralia plants which were sadly neglected during a recent bout of illness (mine, not theirs!) They have seriously dried out and I suspect all the main stem-end growing points have had it! Does anyone know whether they're likely to shoot from lower down the stems or from the base? If not, it's the Compost Bin for them! (Can't do a photo 'cos I've lost the cable!)



I don't know - but it would be worth a try to give them a go.- what have you got to lose? Cut them back, water them and keep your fingers crossed. Hope you are better now.

9 Aug, 2008


Getting better, thanks for asking! The lower stems are quite woody so I'm not holding out too much hope but I'll give them a couple of weeks and see what happens. Thanks for your thoughts

10 Aug, 2008

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