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By Alextb

London, England Eng

Steragram very kindly sent me some Crocosmia 'Lucifer' which arrived yesterday.

My question is, should they be planted in Autumn or Spring?

If in Spring, how should they be stored?

Also, should they be placed in Full Sun?

I am aware they "reproduce like rabbits" under the soil.




Plant them now - if there are corms arranged in vertical 'strings' don't separate them, just plant them as they are, at the level they would have been previously.

23 Sep, 2014


Thanks a lot Bamboo.

23 Sep, 2014


Lucifer doesn't seem to spread as fast as the others though. They do like full sun but are pretty accommodating and will take part shade if necessary. Where mine are they have full sun until about four in the afternoon.

I didn't wait to send them in Spring because then the new roots would be growing whereas now they are dying back and moving them does no damage. (Also I wanted hte space...)

23 Sep, 2014


... Didn't send me any :o(

23 Sep, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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