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My wife, who was the houseplant waterer, recently passed away. I now have a plant (see photo) that I do not know the name of, or how to look after. Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks, Peter Knox




Sorry for your loss Peter and welcome to GoY, looks like one of the indoor palms to me and seriously in need of a drink. If you are a total novice and your wife had a lot of houseplants it might be worth investing in a book on their care. One with a picture of each plant so that you can i.d. If there are just a few ask away here and we will do our best to help you.

In general to test if a plant in a pot needs watering push your finger down into the soil about and inch, if it feels dry water from the bottom. BUT that is just a very general rule there are plants that need dry periods, plants that need to be quite wet and in a humid place... You get my drift :-)

12 Feb, 2010


Welcome from me too,Peter,and also sorry for your loss..Good advice from Mg.It does look a bit like a Parlour palm,but not certain.Maybe you could cut the brown dried bits off,as then it would look a bit better for you,as they won't revive.You could also Google them.Good luck:o)

12 Feb, 2010


So sorry to hear your sad news Peter....Welcome to GOY..:>)

12 Feb, 2010


Thanks Moon grower and Bloomer. I will trim off the brown fronds, and give it a good drink - I was afraid to overwater in the wintertime, in case that was the wrong thing to do.

Thanks again, Peter

12 Feb, 2010


I think this plant is salvagable! It will look so much better if you trim off the brown leaves. Don't over-water it during winter. And give it a little food in spring (try those food sticks that you push into the soil. by Miracle-Gro I think)

12 Feb, 2010


The brown leaves are snipped off, she has had a good drink and is feeling much better already!
Thanks to all. Peter

12 Feb, 2010


welcome to GoY Peter.

12 Feb, 2010


A lot of plant growing, especially plants in pots, is trial and error. Bulbaholic and I have killed or hundreds of plants one way and another... overwatering, under watering, wrong soil ph, too much sun, not enough sun — you get the picture. Sadly killing plants is part of learning how to grow them :-(

12 Feb, 2010


Very well put MG ---- we've all been there !
Welcome to GoY Peter.

12 Feb, 2010

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