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By Haian

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everybody, I have just been given an Azalea by a very kind neighbour, it is a bit untidy, and has been neglected, there are no flowers on it so when I have planted it, is it O.K to prune it down and give it a general tidy up, and what do I feed it on ?



yes you can prune it down. they need and ericaceous feed, one designed for them. make sure you soil type is acidic or you will have to give it sequestrine too. water well and regulalry until it becomes established especially in this hhot weather. water the palnting hole really well before you put the plant in. that will help.

16 Jul, 2013


Hi Seaburngirl, thanks for that, I have now planted it and watered it well, I will give it some ericaceous feed, but can you please tell me what sequestrine is, I am still learning.

16 Jul, 2013


Its a plant tonic that has iron in a form that the plants need when growing. Non acid soils like mine mean that plants like azalea cant gain the iron from the soil. You can get it at the gc. you water it in.

16 Jul, 2013


Hi, thanks for that I will buy some and give it a go, thanks very much for your help and advice, these things are all still new to me.

17 Jul, 2013

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