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Plant id please.

I think that plant has seeded itself through the air. I don't remember ever planting it so I suppose it could make the definition of a weed.

I'm thinking of getting rid of it. But having said that I'm trying to think of a reason to keep it.It is almost miniature tree like. It is around 18 inches tall.

Many thanks.




It reminds me of a Leycesteria, by the leaves.

24 Jun, 2013


My first thought was also Leycesteria, and the stems look right too. But the leaves also resemble those of the Cornus family . . . hope someone can be more definite for you.

24 Jun, 2013


If it's seeded itself in it's almost certain to be as identified already, but rather a skinny one. Leycesteria formosa, pheasant berry, or Himalayan honeysuckle

24 Jun, 2013


All it will need is hard pruning and the plant will bush out nicely, i like this shrub, and have one here.

25 Jun, 2013


Many thanks all. It must be a tough plant because I've never bothered with it. I think a larger pot and fresh compost is in order.

Louise-Thanks. When would be the best time to hard prune it?

25 Jun, 2013


I usually do mine after it's flowered but I have done random pruning and it's never bothered it !!!

25 Jun, 2013

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