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my first orchid, close-up


By Raquel

my first orchid, close-up

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Congratulations Raquel! Welcome to "Orchid collectors anonymous" lol....

30 Mar, 2010


Thanks just took it a year and a half to flower again after I had bought it! But it is still going strong at the moment...

9 Jun, 2010


The phals bloom for such a long time and if anything should happen to the stem it will branch and produce more bloom! They also seem to like a rest period after no worries. At present mine are outdoors in a shade enclosure. I've found that nightime temps around 60 degrees will bring them into bloom. They become redidish and healthy looking...strong leaves and lots of roots above and below the potting medium...then they spike blossom and it's another six months of bloom! great plants.

9 Jun, 2010


I've noticed that, Lori. In fact they seem to have some new buds starting even now, and it hasn't been that long since they dropped their blooms...but I also noticed today and ugly white insect on them, it looks like a mite, do you know of any insecticide that would help? I don't want the orchids to die...

11 Jun, 2010


I don't know much about insects...sorry. I think I'm right in saying that mites are arachnids... and they are usually extremely small. Scale is another insect I've had to battle...but not on my orchids. and there is another insect called mealy bugs that look like a mass of white cotton, or it could be the omnipresent aphid!! I would suggest some TLC... remove the pots ffrom their present area... open a window or increase the air circulation around them... drench/flush the potting medium with fresh water and place them where they will drain well...if they are potted in soil..there is an insect called fungus gnats which are not harmful..they are working on the compost in the pot and not your plant... check the leaves top and bottom, using a soft cloth wipe them off gently...If the plants LOOK sick, don't fertilize. If it is mites you should check any controls you might buy to be sure it works on mites...If you must outdoors and protect yourself .... Organic doesn't mean harmless. Can't think of much else to suggest...good luck. Phals are very hardy plants... so don't fret.

11 Jun, 2010


Thanks Lori - these may be mealy bugs then, because they do look like a mass of white cotton...Just to be safe I will spray them with an organic spray...I'll take them outside,as you suggest...they're planted in potting medium but maybe they do need more air circulation... thanks again!

12 Jun, 2010

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