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i have never done any gardening before but have recently started redoing my garden .i don’t were to start with the plants. i have a small rockery at the back and some areas down the side to gorw something but am unsure what would work as all the areas are veryt shadowery, i cut back some branches to improve light but there was little improvement.

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Hallo Patch Welcome to GOY. Do you want suggestions for shrubs as well as plants for your garden? I would start with a few evergreen shrubs to give you year-round interest then plant up beween the shrubs. Euonymus fortunei (several nice ones with variegated leaves) grow happily in shady places. I would choose 'Silver Queen' or 'Emerald 'n' Gold'. They will also scramble up the fence for you! Others that do that are Chaenomeles (lots of colours) Ivies, Clematis 'Nelly Moser', Honeysuckles and Pyracantha.You need to look at what your neighbours grow - if there are Rhododendrons, your soil is likely to be acid and you could also grow them, as well as Skimmias, a great shrub called 'Crinodendron hookerianum' which has red lantern-like flowers and Pieris too. Mahonias also grow in shade and flower in the winter. For plants that are reliable, have a look at Hardy Geraniums. There are lots that will tolerate shade, one called Geranium phaeum comes in white, mauve and deep red. Vincas also grow happily, they do spread but are controllable. Hostas and ferns are happy in shade too, as are Epimediums, Tiarella and Lilies of theValley (if you can get them established). You can plant bulbs in between your shrubs now - ready for the spring. They will be fine as I assume that the trees giving the shade will have lost their leaves! I would stick to little bulbs like Crocuses, Iris reticulata, Chionodoxa, Scillas and Muscari, though, as their leaves don't flop everywhere when they've finished flowering. With Daffodils and Tulips you have to let the leaves die back (to nourish the bulbs for the next year) so unless you have lots of space, they are better in containers. I hope that tis list will help you in your planning. This planning is important - do it on a big sheet of paper and mark where everything will go before you start planting! It's well worth it! Good luck with it all.

20 Aug, 2008


Hi Patch and welcome.
As Spritz suggests its best to jot some ideas down about the style of garden you would like to have before you start to do anything else. You will then have a 'wish list 'of all the features and the style of garden you would like. Then jot down all the plants you wish to include but check that they are suitable first.
Spritz has given you the names of some great plants to use.

Also, check out this site and other 'plant finder' sites on the internet for assistance,or see if you can get hold of some books to help you, or ask for further help on this site.

20 Aug, 2008

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