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New planter ideas!


This has worked out pretty well! My job is “mobile electronics”, so it seemed fitting to create some rather unique planters in my container garden that reflected what I do for a living. The first one is an old Sansui home amplifier that I gutted and converted into a planter:

I sealed off the holes in the case and drilled holes for drainage in the bottom, added organic media, and planted the Ivy and Sage plants. The Ivy has grown like gang-busters and is drooping almost to the ground! Just the “look” that I was after!

Of course, every amplifier needs a matching “speaker”, right?
No problem! I recycled an old Kicker 15inch woofer basket from work and turned it into a hanging basket with Variegated English Ivy growing in it:

Now we’re jamming in the backyard! {chuckle}

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LOL......fabulous ideas N2....they look great.

6 Jul, 2009


Good blog and great creative ideas :)

6 Jul, 2009


It's nice to have something different :o)

6 Jul, 2009


Oh well done n2, we love recycling here on GoY and anything that can be re-used as you have done is wonderful, what a brilliant idea to reflect your work in your pleasures and that amp and the hanging baskets are inspirational.

6 Jul, 2009


Fantastic idea and a great way to keep the clutter down without chucking it out,hubby better watch out now when I need a new planter cos I,ll be raiding his rainy day store..........

6 Jul, 2009


Great example of re-using old things around the house and shed. :-)

6 Jul, 2009


Very inventive!!....I like that ivy, what is it?

6 Jul, 2009


This is my kind of thinking, what a great blog.

Bob, the gift shop is CLOSED (lol)

6 Jul, 2009


Brilliant ideas.

6 Jul, 2009


Great blog! Great how you've used those things as containers for flowers which might otherwise have ended up in a landfill - now the ground fills them! Lol! :D

8 Jul, 2009


Amblealice, I am not sure what kind of Ivy that is , but I first saw it up the block in a neighbor's front yard and was impressed with its' incredible growth rate. I simply showed a photo to the "guru plant lady" at the local nursery,and she directed me to two nice looking 4" pots of the Ivy. About 99 cents a piece. I just love the light green color and the fast growth. This 'lil guy grew from 4 inches to this length in only 2 months! :-)

10 Jul, 2009


I just luv ideas like this - planted up my old mans working boots when he retired.

30 Jul, 2009


Stroller, I love the idea of boots as a planter! Not much room for a big root-ball, but a lot of "small root footprint" plants could work. {grin}
I'm working on an old tower computer case to make it "plant friendly", but the problem is that it will have only have about 72 square inches of actual growing area, but have a full 1.2 cu. ft. of vertical root area to work with. Deeper rooting plants will work, but wider spreading roots will circle and distress the plants. It'll take a bit of "root research" to see which plants will thrive in this next unusual planter shape.
We'll see what happens! {chuckle}

6 Aug, 2009

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