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By hywel


Even though today was dull and murky I decided to go down the garden for a walk and took my camera with me.
It’s true what they say about being with nature because I felt a lot more cheerful after coming back in :)

I found these lovely roses blooming.
They have black spot and I’ll have to try and do something about it next year.
The variety is ‘Mischief’ :-

There are several Gladioli flowering, which is a nice surprise since I thought I’d planted them too late :-

Some flowers still on my hardy Penstemon :-

Bellis in a hanging pot :-

In a perspex shelter I have placed a few half hardy plants, and ones I don’t trust to be left outside in the winter …

One of them is this Dianthus which is flowering beautifully :-

And this Leontopodium nivale also has several flowers on it :-

A nice Mum :-

I bought this white Penstemon back in the summer and it is flowering now in the shelter :-

I like stripy flowers, and this Verbena looks nice and summery at a gloomy time of year :-

And alongside it is an Impatiens that has decided not to die off, and I’m hoping it may have more flowers soon :-

I don’t know what Bella has seen, she is very nosy :D

I bought a nice stone-wear pot for my Iceberg rose that I want to be by the front door … it had been reduced to half price, and I’ve placed it on some bricks for now :)
The rose is still in its old pot and I’ve placed it inside the new one until I get around to planting it :-

Thanks for reading my blog, Stay safe !

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I think the mild weather has meant lots of plants are still blooming or at least hanging on. Despite the black spot, Mischief is looking good.

11 Nov, 2020


Thank you Julia, yes it is very mild and the plants seem to be enjoying it :)

11 Nov, 2020


Lovely blog and pics, Hywel! I feel more relaxed and cheerful too, after reading it. Lots of vibrant pink still flourishing in your garden. I have to agree with Waddy, this recent mild spell of weather and some sunshine seems to have helped. Very pretty pic of Bella too, posing nicely! I do wonder what she has spotted? They do mystify us at times don’t they!

11 Nov, 2020


Thanks Kate, I prefer mild weather.
I don't know what Bella had seen, I couldn't see anything there myself.

11 Nov, 2020


lovely blog as usual Hywel. I do like your new pot, the rose will be very happy in there.

nice and mild here today too.

11 Nov, 2020


Yes, I'm smitten with that pot too. A good find. Lovely pic of Bella being nosy. Nice to & still have so much colour & roses still in bloom.

11 Nov, 2020


You have some attractive flowers still going strong, Hywel. I know what you mean about the garden making us feel more positive. I, like you, still have lots of penstemons flowering their socks off and the odd rose. I've been putting the fuchsias into the garage and am amazed that after waiting all summer for colour that the 'Neon Tricolor' has finally decided to flower!
Bella is a gorgeous girl. I expect she saw a spider or a fly that was too small to see. Maudie is always pouncing on them!

11 Nov, 2020


Oh Hywel what a lovely blog. Your joy at finding so many treasures really came through.
Really like your new pot too. Something else to give you extra cheer at the moment!!
Bella is so pretty. She is such a lovely cat.

11 Nov, 2020


Looking good Hywel, some nice colours going on, can you believe it I have a snow drop out already ,I am trying to sauce some decent pots and I love that one you have brought, may I ask where you got it from?

11 Nov, 2020


A really uplifting blog, Hywel, with so much colour for November. I can’t quite believe your Gladioli!

11 Nov, 2020


Thanks for all your comments, and I'm pleased so many like my new pot.

Julien I got the pot in a local garden centre, it's a family run business. The pot was reduced to half price.

I can't believe the Gladioli either Sheila. I didn't plant them until September.

Anget I find Fuchsias are late flowering shrubs, mine are always at their best in the autumn.
It's nice to have a snowdrop so soon, although I do know there are some autumn flowering species. Do you know what species yours is ?

Thanks for everyone's comments :)

12 Nov, 2020


Looking at your garden, Hywel, I would never believe it is almost middle of November.
Bellis still looks very fresh and the dianthus is so beautiful. Your fuchsia behind Bella also looks fantastic.
I would love to find edelweiss in nurseries here but I have never seen it. I am jealous .
The Iceberg rose will look great in your very attractive pot.
Thanks for the tour of your garden in November.

12 Nov, 2020


Klahanie ... as you can’t find an Edelweiss plant, you could always try some seed? I agree - it is attractive!

12 Nov, 2020


I think Bella is just doing her morning head exercises...

Its not surprising you felt better after your trip down the garden Hywel. Your flowers are amazing for November .Do you have many hardy Fuchsias still flowering ? I've never seen them go on so late - but they were late getting going this year so maybe they are making up for lost time.
I am joining the queue of admirers of our new pot - very desirable and I hope it gives you lots of pleasure - and in the front garden it can be admired by the passers by too.
Love your rose too - late flowering is always a treat - long may it continue (roses for Christmas?)

12 Nov, 2020


Hywel, I must agree with all the above comments on your blog. Beautiful flowers, beautiful Bella and a beautiful new pot. What could be better? :o)x

12 Nov, 2020


It could be summer looking at your beautiful plants.

12 Nov, 2020


Thanks Hywell.

12 Nov, 2020


Thank you Sheila, I will pursue that thought.

12 Nov, 2020


Thank you all for your comments :)

Yes I do have hardy fuchsias flowering Sue, they always go on until we have a frost. I'll put a photo of one on my photo page.

It's a good idea to sow the seeds Klahanie, I've often seen them in garden centres.

12 Nov, 2020


I have just noticed the one peeping over the top in the first photo!

12 Nov, 2020


That is also 'Margaret' and very tall.

13 Nov, 2020


Edelweiss might not be popular here Hywel. I have never seen it in garden centers or in any open garden. I will explore more in the spring.

13 Nov, 2020


Klahanie, bulbs are available here from J Parker’s, and seeds from Amazon. If you are stuck, let me know and I could get some and send them to you.

13 Nov, 2020


A little trip round the garden does give you a lift especially when you can find a few summer flowers still in bloom, and I love the new pot.

13 Nov, 2020


Thank you for your kindness Sheila. I will PM you later in the day (morning for you).

13 Nov, 2020


I hope you'll be able to grow it Klahanie, Sheila that is so kind of you.
I don't know if this one will produce seeds but you'd be welcome to have some if it does Klahanie.

Thanks Stroller for your comment.

15 Nov, 2020


Thanks Hywel for your kind and considerate thought.

I was able to locate a local grower/seller who has these seeds :-) I "talked" to him via e-mail and will give it a try. He also has seeds of other interesting medicinal plants which I also would be interested in growing. I am not very successful growing from seeds but they are not expensive.

Maybe one day (hopefully) I will be posting my Edelweiss flower on GOY.
Thanks again. XX

16 Nov, 2020


I'm pleased you've found a place that sells the seeds and I do hope they will be successful for you :) xx

16 Nov, 2020

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