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Garden in November 2020


By hywel


Autumn colour is fading in my garden now and it looks miserable, but I keep telling myself in a few weeks the days will start to lengthen again and spring will be on the way :)

I’ve got all my tender plants under cover and hope they’ll be safe from any harsh weather we may have later on.
I still have a few bulbs to plant and I’m hoping I’ll be able to do it soon.
I was hoping to sow some Sweet Pea seeds and a few hardy annuals, and also take some cuttings but I didn’t get around to it …. never mind, spring sowings will have to do :)

Here are some photos I took in the garen on a recent sunny day :-

Some hardy Fuchsias :-

Lechlade Magician …

Margaret – about 8 feet tall …

Phylis …

This plumbago is growing in a perspex shelter …

In the garden several clumps of Liriope muscari are still in good shape. I don’t think I’ve seen them this late in the year …

Tricyrtis hirta also has many flowers. I think they are fascinating …

Autumn in the hedgerow …

Ilex in the hedgerow outside the back of my garden …

Thank you for reading my blog.
Keep safe ! :)

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Hywel, you're not alone in forgetting to sow Sweet Pea seeds as mine are sitting in the greenhouse ready and waiting! I agree the Tricyrtis is a beautiful flower, so exotic looking. I had no idea Fuchsia Margaret could reach such a height, wonderful.

We just had a walk around the block, so to speak, and saw many Roses in bloom, Dahlias, a gorgeous Rhododendron and many more, pretty good for early November.

Is Bella patiently waiting for a mouse?!!

8 Nov, 2020


I like the look of 'Margaret", Hywel. I shall have to search her out.
Bella is a beautiful girl.They do like closely observing the undergrowth in excited anticipation, don't they?

8 Nov, 2020


Lovely blog, Hywel. The tricyrtis is a very pretty exotic looking flower. I too, have a liriope persisting nicely. Bella is on patrol I see! Waiting with anticipation on a little prize perhaps!

8 Nov, 2020


Hi Hywel, I know what you mean, but yes, another 6 weeks and we will be going back to the sun..:o)

I do love the hardy fuchsias they're spectacular! Margaret is fabulous. Haha, I can't see Bella?? I've looked at every pic again, and still can't see her....where is she...should've gone to Specsavers!

8 Nov, 2020


my liriope are flowering for the first time and they are 5 yrs old so I am pleased I am not the only one with them flowering.

you have lots going on in the garden Hywel and I too haven't got round to do sweet peas. Spring sowing will have to do.

Bella has that look of 'Me! I'm not up to anything honestly'. Such a pretty girl.

8 Nov, 2020


You still have lots to enjoy in your garden Hywel and I think your fuschias are a real picture.
Our plumbago still has a few flowers on it in our porch, they are such a pretty shade of blue.
I, like you, am counting the days to spring!!!

8 Nov, 2020


Janey Haha - she's in the middle of the next to last photo!

The holly berries are gorgeous - holly seems to have berried well this year - a feast for the birds!
I love the Plumbago; isn't it a wonderful blue?
I never think of sowing sweet peas this side of Christmas - doesn't really matter if they a bit later flowering does it?

8 Nov, 2020


It was lovely to see so much colour in your garden still, Hywel!

Bella is certainly observing the hedgerow patiently, perhaps she has seen something you haven't! Does she often sit in the road looking at the hedge?

8 Nov, 2020


Ahh, I didn't have so many photos come through earlier Hywel...there she is and a beautiful Holly too..:))

8 Nov, 2020


Thanks for your comments ...

Bella is always prowling up and down the hedgerow. There are several cats around here and they have 'special' places where they can jump into the hedgerow when they think there's something moving in there or when a car comes down the road.

I'm glad you found Bella Janey :)

I agree Sue, early sown seeds usually finish early too.

My Liriope took a few years before starting to flower too Seaburngirl, but they do so every year now. I hope yours will too.

9 Nov, 2020


Recent sunny day! Wish we had more of those to appreciate the flowers that are braving the weather for us to enjoy.

9 Nov, 2020


You have some beautiful fuschias Hywel and I love your Plumbago.
I am so pleased with the Liriope you sent me and it has settled in well and still flowering!
I think someone is being optimistic Hywel! It will probably be 12 weeks if we are lucky for the Spring sunshine! Hahaa!
I have often found when we have a good Autumn that Spring is often late starting! So hopefully this won't happen!

9 Nov, 2020


Thank you both.

I just feel better after the shortest day has gone Rose,
I'm pleased to hear about the Liriope :)

11 Nov, 2020

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