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Autumn update.


By hywel


We’ve had a wet autumn here in south Wales this year. I was hoping for an Indian summer so that I could do some gardening before it gets too dark and cold, but it has rained almost every day.
I really don’t mind rain but I do like the sunshine too :)

Rain on Cotinus leaves :-

Back in the summer I had a raised bed constructed in my garden, where I want to grow some vegetables next year.
I am slowly filling it – I bought some bags of topsoil which I tipped into it, and I have also put old compost from my tomatoes and Fuchsias into it.
I will get a few more bags of topsoil soon and by the spring it will be ready.

I had a nice crop of Tomatoes and cucumbers this year, but my peppers were very slow. They are just starting to ripen now.
I didn’t grow any other vegetables because of the raised bed not being ready.

The summer was very colourful in the garden but as time progressed it became apparent that many things are in the wrong place – some tall plants in front of short ones etc, so there will have to be a major rearrangement before the next growing season …….
I have decided to leave it until the spring when it will be getting lighter.

I ordered some Fuchsias from an on line nursery at the beginning of the year, but they were not all available, so they will send me the ones that were not ready this year next spring.
The old ones I have didn’t do so well this year, being extremely slow, and some not flowering at all, even though I gave them all nice new compost last spring.

However my hardy ones in the garden are brightening up now at last. There is one very large hardy one called Mrs Popple, and it is full of flowers …

My Liriopes have done very well, they have more flowers than ever this year.
Some are in the ground and one in a big tub.

I had some Michaelmas Daisies in small pots and I planted them in the ground, in the hope of having some nice flowers by the autumn, but I think they are taking their time to settle in, they are rather small and only one has flowers on it.
I want some different types for next year :)

This lovely blue Clematis is flowering on a trellis. I think it’s called William Kennett :-

I have lots of nice buds on my Mums. They haven’t opened yet.

All my cacti and succulents are in a frost free shelter, Fuchsias in a polytunnel ready to go into a shed, Pelargoniums are the next ones to be taken into a frost free shelter, there are some bulbs still to plant and lots of leaves to be vacuumed up … so much to do !
then, after it’s done, we can look forward to the spring :)

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Lovely colourful plants,Hywel....especially the Liriopes.This everlasting rain is so impractical....not been able to pop in and out to garden.

14 Oct, 2019


Lovely assortment of plants. They still look very healthy.
What is the name of the blue clematis, mine have not done very well, so I will be having some new ones for 2020. Recommentations welcome 🌺
I hope your raised bed of vegetables is successful next year. Look forward to seeing your results.

14 Oct, 2019


Hywel, Mrs. Popple is huge! What a lovely sight to see in your colourful garden. It rained heavily here on Saturday so no gardening for me, but yesterday I got out there to dig up an old Lilac shrub. The 'suckers' had spread in all directions, rather like some Bamboos do, then a saw was needed to cut the main trunk. Had to abandon the job when yet more rain began falling ... :o(

14 Oct, 2019


Thank you Meadowland, I hope the rain eases off soon for us all ...

Thank you Marjorie, the blue clematis is called William Kennett. It doesn't have many flowers but maybe that's because it is in the wrong place.
I'm sorry to know your clems have not done very well. None of mine were special this year either. I have a few nice ones though, I'll find their names and let you know.

Thank you Shirley. What a job getting rid of that lilac shrub sounds. I hate it when plants have uncontrollable suckers. I always try to plant such things in tubs. What will you be replacing it with ?

14 Oct, 2019


Hywel, I still have the main stem to dig up so it's going to take a while as it's raining yet again here. Not decided what to replace it with, something that will go up to about 6ft. but doesn't spread widthways too much. Any ideas? !! I do have a Zebra grass to divide in the Spring so may put a piece of that in.

14 Oct, 2019


Lovely garden full of colour, especially those Liriopes, all very cheery.

14 Oct, 2019


Your 'Mrs Popple' is looking lovely Hywel,as are the rest of your flowers and plants..The Liriope is especially pretty..I'm sure you will enjoy trying out your new raised bed next year.Nice to have something new to try ..:o)

14 Oct, 2019


lovely plants, the rain can be very pretty cant it.
I am so envious of your liriopes as mine have yet again failed to flower.

14 Oct, 2019


I've never seen such a big Mrs Popple! She clearly loves being in your garden. Agree with the others about the Liriope - never realised they could look as good as that!
I think that's one for the wish list. The constant rain has been so tiresome hasn't it? We got some leaves swept up this afternoon (six bagfuls)but there are lots more to come and so much else to do - seems like there's never time to get it all finished

14 Oct, 2019


Wonderful blog, lovely flowers.

14 Oct, 2019


Shirley I had to Google 'Zebra Grass' It looks nice :)

Thanks for all your comments about my blog ...

14 Oct, 2019


Thank you for your update on your garden Hywel. We all like following its progress. So much rain here too & we're all hoping that the flood alleviation work, which has been going on all year, will be a success, so we don't suffer the floods that we had in 2016.

14 Oct, 2019


My youngsters have suggested making raised beds in my veg patch to make gardening easier there, not convinced so I shall watch your progress with interest ;-)
It is supposed to be a rare colour in a garden but you seen to have found a good range of blue flowering plants, they all look very happy there. My Michaelmas daisies are tall and lanky and have flopped across the crazy paving path, it looks pretty but has put the path out of bounds, I shall have to remember to give them some support next year or replace them with compact ones like yours, Hywel.
Mrs Popple looks extremely happy in your garden, hardy fuchsias are a delight at this time of the year. The ones either side of my back door, Tom Thumb and a fuchsia magellanica, are a cheery sight at the moment too.
The leaves have barely started to fall here in the Chilterns, I hope the winds will help to clear them when they do. I am hoping we have some dry periods this week too, most of my new spring bulbs are still waiting to be planted. Once that is done bring on Winter when we can enjoy armchair gardening too as we make plans for next year :-)

15 Oct, 2019


As you can guess, the south west has had a lot of rain also and to see a blue sky this morning was a real surprise! Lovely colours of Autumn in your garden Hywel, the fuschias seem to have thrived in all the rain.

A comment of yours struck a cord - we too have tall plants in front of short plants and some plants getting out of hand and taking over, so you will not be alone in your rearrangement plans!!

15 Oct, 2019


Thank you all :)

I hope you don't get any floods Feverfew …

Xela I am not sure how well the raised bed will do but bending etc is getting more difficult as I get older so I am hoping it will help.
My large Mrs Popple is also blocking a path …

Good luck with the rearranging Wildrose !

15 Oct, 2019


Hywel, I got the remains of the Lilac out of the ground today. It had hundreds of fibrous roots and was a devil to remove, so pleased to it's out though! It does leave quite a patch of bare soil, but I can put up with that until the Spring.

15 Oct, 2019


It sounds like you've got a big job out of the way Shirley. I'm glad you were able to finish it. You can take your time over the winter to decide what to plant there instead of the lilac.

16 Oct, 2019


That's very true Hywel ... another damp day here today ... :o(

16 Oct, 2019


Hywel I have some Michaelmas daisies, purple ones. I have tall ones and small ones like your pink ones - would you like some pieces when they have finished flowering?

16 Oct, 2019


Lovely blog Hywel. Your liriopes look a lovely vivid colour! It’s really nice you’ve lots of bright colour in the garden at this time of year.
Sounds like you’re extremely busy, but enjoying it all the same!

17 Oct, 2019


I hope it's dry for you today Shirley.

Thank you Sue, I have sent you a PM

Thank you Kate … I am busy when the rain stops :D

17 Oct, 2019


Lovely to see those plants flowering in your garden, Hywel! :) Your Fuchsia is enormous & so full of flowers! It's really lovely!

A raised bed will help you no end with your back! I have 3 big long troughs on the balcony floor which I plant up every year with bedding plants but the effort of changing them twice a year is getting too much for me but I don't know what to plant in them for flowers all year round. They would also have to grow no higher than 18 inches/2 ft tall

In a couple of weeks time after the first frosts of the autumn I will need to empty them out & replant them with the Pansies I have growing on the balcony in small pots. But I would like this to be the last year I do the twice-yearly swap around.

17 Oct, 2019


I can understand how you feel Balcony, I am thinking of having less tubs that need changing every year. In the garden I will have to give more thought to where I plant things, because I want them to be in the right place from the start, and not have to dig them up and move them around.

18 Oct, 2019


We have had a wet summer here in Glasgow. What's new?
The odd thing is we have had a beautiful autumn with hardly any rain and lots of sunshine.
Like you Hywel I have been putting plants in the greenhouse. I have taken in the Salvias after watching Gardener's World.
The season in Scotland just isn't as long as in the south and lots of rain isn't good for flowers like Roses. I like your to order for next year.
I have been cutting back the Ferns today as many have turned brown. The job I hate is clearing up the leaves.

20 Oct, 2019


Thank you Linda. You have been busy. Your weather sounds the opposite to what it's been here …

21 Oct, 2019


Catching up yet again Hywel, outside and on here, you still have plenty of colour to admire, it all takes time moving things undercover for the winter, I still have mine to do although my succulents are safely indoors, they went in early this year as I didn't want the poor things getting drowned...I do like the liriopes, its a lovely colour as is the clematis, sadly my clems were a dead loss again, I keep trying with mine but although they survive one could never say that they thrive, lol...

23 Oct, 2019


Thank you Sue. It's all winding down now but I am already looking forward to the spring lol

23 Oct, 2019

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