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I haven’t taken any garden photos this November. There’s nothing to take …
An early frost turned all my hardy Fuchsias into a brown mush, and what roses were still in flower had the same thing done to them.

However in past years it’s been quite different …

In November 2016 I had lovely flowers on my hardy Fuchsia Army Nurse …

Also Delta’s Sarah …

Here’s a pretty Omphalodes flowering in November 2016 …

In November 2015 I had lovely Calendulas and Alyssums …

I also had these beautiful hardy Fuchsias in the garden :-

Border Queen …

Garden News …

Lady Thumb …

Phyllis …


No colour this year due to that uncharacteristic early frost :(

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What a shame. It's nice to be able to look back and be able to compare though. You had some beautiful plants.

25 Nov, 2018


Nice specimens. I hope they come back in the Spring. We had an unprecedented cold snap which has just lifted. Everything in garden is down for the count. "Global Warming?" Don't make me laugh!

25 Nov, 2018


Never seen Omphalodes in flower in Autumn! I do love that bi coloured one! No flowers here either, but still plenty of tidying up to do should the mood getting the moss ut of the block paving - perhaps you remember how much of that there is!

25 Nov, 2018


Great to see so many photos of your Fuchsias, Hywel, even if they were taken during past years!

That's one of the reasons I take so many photos of my plants out on the balcony - or inside the flat! My screen saver shows me random photos I've taken over many years & I find I'm sometimes surprised by what I used to grow but don't do so any longer or by plants that I've been growing for a number of years!

I like to look at photos of a particular plant - like Christmas Cactus - & compare the times of flowering over different years. I thought this year they had begun to flower earlier than other years but no they are in a similar time frame most years!

25 Nov, 2018


They still surprise me too Balcony. Two of mine are in full flower and one is in bud and won't be long. I still have a couple of the old species ones, and they do flower much later.

25 Nov, 2018


Balcony, my screen saver does the same thing ... showing random photos of the gardens and various holidays. Some I only vaguely remember the places, and wish there was a caption with the pics! It’s quite mesmerising though, and makes me smile :)

Sorry Hywel - it’s nice to see your memories too!

25 Nov, 2018


Thank you all :)

There is no screen saver on my laptop. I was told it didn't need one.
My desk computer has a picture of some flowers in the rain ... I chose it because I like flowers and I like rain :)

My Christmas cacti are in a sorry state now, they fell when the shelf they were on tipped over, and they all came out of their pots. I didn't have time to put them back tidily so I just dumped them in a big tray and that's where they've been since the summer. I can't get around to seeing to them.

26 Nov, 2018


Oh dear what a shame Hywel. If they die before you get round to rescuing them let me know & I'll send you three cuttings of my three to get you started again. But they might still recover yet....

26 Nov, 2018


Thanks Hywel. Tell Beryl to have a look at Model Railways
Festival 2018 from Alexandra Palace.
Better than T/V. Might inspire you to have a Garden Train
round the Fuchsias !

26 Nov, 2018


Lovely photos. I'm the same here as in a frost saw off all my flowers. I had planted a Delta Sarah in my garden this year and it was covered in flowers when the frost hit. Had decided for the moment it is my favourite Fuchsia in the garden but could all change lol.

26 Nov, 2018


It just goes to show what a difference a year can make. The flowers in my garden have suffered exactly the same. Never mind, a new year is not that far away, when we can begin all over again.

26 Nov, 2018


Oh dear such a pity to lose everything so soon, we still have our hardy climbing fuchsias going, looking better than they did in the summer......cant win sometimes can you Hywel?

26 Nov, 2018


Sheilabub, I always rename all my photos & put them in folders & I also write captions on them so I will always know what it is I'l seeing & when the photo was taken.

If you've read any of my blogs then you will see that the great majority of my photos have a caption on them

My screen saver is of my photos on Google over many years. When they are replayed I can choose to see or not the file names which are usually the same as the captions on the photos.

Hywel, I use a desktop PC but with Windows you can choose if you want to activate the screen saver & what you want it to show. You can choose between a few photos Microsoft has put on your machine, folders of pictures on your computer or your web album. I chose my web album.

26 Nov, 2018


Like you Hywel, we have had more 'mushy' plants this year than I remember for quite a long time. Sedums, hydrangeas and hardy fuschias were all frosted early on and the general effect in the garden is somewhat brownish!

26 Nov, 2018


Hywel and friends... this year we had an early winter in Ontario and my garden went from green to white, overnight! The deer have come and dug out anything that was buried but we had three days of sub-arctic temps last week and broke a number of November record lows. One night it was minus 28 with the windchill. Yesterday and today, however, are around zero with a mix of rain and snow which makes things very messy for travel. Everything went down so fast that I hardly had time to photograph "November"... GoY is a treasure for it's storage of memories and it's ability to correct a misaprehension. I thought we always got our snow on 17th Nov. but this year it was early! I was wrong when I looked back it was only one day early... sigh. I love your beautiful fuschias, Hywel. I brought my cactus and ponytail palm in, just in time! (the cactus is nearly to the ceiling and getting it thro the door was a real chore.) Hope the mice stay in the garden for Bella to chase...the ones here invaded the house! oh the joys of November!

27 Nov, 2018


Goodness me Lori, I'll not complain about our winter weather again...well not for a while anyway. No sign of snow here yet, thank goodness. I'm sure I couldn't cope with temperatures as low as you've been having them! Roll on spring!

28 Nov, 2018


Enjoyed this blog & all the comments. Couldn't click on 'like this blog' as sometimes that option disappears. I can't put captions on my photos but can put them in folders under a general name.

28 Nov, 2018


Thanks for all your comments :)

30 Nov, 2018


What a lovely blog and shows how one years autumn full of beautiful looms the next none it s good to see a comparison of weather. I hope your Christmas cacti are back thriving in their pots now.

8 Dec, 2018


Thank you, the cacti are in their pots but unfortunately not thriving lol . maybe they're taking a year out :) x

9 Dec, 2018


Your welcome Hywel.
I am sure your Cacti will pick up eventually may be a rest will do them good. 😊 xx

16 Dec, 2018


Thank you :) x

16 Dec, 2018



18 Dec, 2018

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