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September blog - Front garden


By hywel


My front garden faces east but it gets the sun right up until about 1 o’clock in the afternoon,
and in the summer it can get really hot there because it is so sheltered and the wall of the house seems to retain a lot of heat.

This results in everything doing quite well.

… and the shrubs need pruning !

Here’s a nice little shrub which I planted a few years ago, Ilex crenata :-

But this is a shrub I’m not really fond, Sarcococca :-

I’m going to move it soon and put a hardy Fuchsia there.

The Piracantha has lovely berries but they never get eaten by birds.

My Jasminum nudiflorum had to be cut back because it was very overgrown. It usually flowers well and I’m hoping for a nice show this year again :)

I’ve got a lovely clump of Ophiopogon. I’m surprised it has grown there because it’s in the shade all afternoon :-

Some hardy Fuchsias in the ground are looking colourful now, after being affected badly by the heatwave.

Mrs Popple :-

Geanii :-

The Lady Boothby that Shirley sent me has settled in well and is flowering :-

The others are poor but maybe they’ll be better next year if we have nicer weather.

I try to brighten the front up by putting pots and tubs on the wall, with Begonia semperflorens, Fuchsias, Verbena, Coleus, Impatiens etc :-

I enjoy being in my front garden even though it is only tiny, on a summer’s morning it feels quite warm there when the sun shines :o)

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Your neighbours must be very grateful to be able to enjoy your lovely garden without lifting a finger. It is looking beautiful. There is so much colour there but nothing clashes. I have a sarcococca. It has nice foliage but it really comes in to its own when it flowers. They do not look like much but the scent is wonderful.

14 Sep, 2018


I always enjoy looking at your front garden Hywel - so many interesting things to see.Does Beryl manage to get outside to enjoy it? The coleus is a gorgeous colour. It's strange that the birds leave the Pyracantha alone, but nice for you as you can enjoy it for longer!

Agree Ilex crenata is a grand little shrub - you would never guess it was a holly would you? I have the fastigiate one which I've just discovered can get up to a metre and a half wide - hope it doesn't outgrow its rather small space!
Why don't you like the Sacrococca when it smells so nice?

14 Sep, 2018


Wow your front garden looks wonderful. So colourful. Love it.

14 Sep, 2018


Thank you all for your comments.

I have never smelled anything with my Sarcococca and I find it a rather boring shrub, so it's going into a tub down the bottom somewhere next year.

Yes Sue Beryl sees the garden every time I take her out to the car.

14 Sep, 2018


I'm glad it's not only me who can never smell Sarcococca shrubs! Mine got thrown out as it didn't thrive.

I wonder why the Pyracantha berries don't get eaten by the birds as the red ones are usually the first to go here.

Pleased to see Lady Boothby is growing well in your colourful front garden ... :o)

15 Sep, 2018


You seem to get an awful lot in small spaces Hywel. All looking nice & colourful. I like the Sarcococca, but each to his own I guess. Will the hardy Fuchsia stay nice & green all winter?

15 Sep, 2018


What a wonderful show Hywel and I love those Fuchsia and pots on the wall very colourful and pretty for passerby' s to gaze upon.

15 Sep, 2018


Your front garden looks really beautiful, Hywel. I love all the colour. Pots are so good at adding interest all year round.
The birds don't eat the berries on my Piracantha either. I thought it was because it was the orange coloured berries.

15 Sep, 2018


I bet you get lots of admiring comments from passersby, Hywel. Not surprised. Your plants are doing so well and look so colourful.

15 Sep, 2018


It does look very pretty Hywel, lots of your plants toning well with the red brick...I especially love the fuchsias and coleus....

15 Sep, 2018


Thank you all. It's nice to receive positive comments.

Feverfew the fuchsias lose their leaves in winter.

15 Sep, 2018


Absolutely beautiful Hywel. In the 30's plus heat this year lots of my Fuchsias have had no flowers so I have really enjoyed looking at yours.

16 Sep, 2018


Thank you. My fuchsias are only doing well now, and only some of them at that. They have been hopeless this year. Many have not flowered at all and several have died.

16 Sep, 2018


So much colour Hywel, very lovely and Mrs Popple gets a wow from me!

16 Sep, 2018


Thanks Dawn :)

16 Sep, 2018


small is beautiful and your front garden definitely is, such lovely plants and so much colour.

17 Sep, 2018


Thank you :)

17 Sep, 2018


I enjoyed reading all these comments as was fed up with
the celebrities Eggheads, they do too much talking. Better to read about Hywels front garden.
Now to return to the box and enjoy The Repair Shop !
Long may it stay.

21 Sep, 2018


Thanks for your comment Diane. I'm pleased you enjoyed my blog.

24 Sep, 2018


Wonderful as always, Hywel, to see your gardens! You have completely transformed this garden over the last year or two! All your plants look healthy & are flowering very well!

Did you miss the worse of the storms 'Ali' & ‘Bronagh’?

25 Sep, 2018


Thank you. We didn't get much bad weather here. It was a bit breezy but nothing unusual.

26 Sep, 2018

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