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Poppet flying free


Just a quick note to show you a couple of pictures of Poppet the love-bird in the garden.
We had two who lived in a large wheeled cage which got put outside if the weather was good.
Never knew what sex they were, only other love-birds know for sure, but neither ever laid eggs, so could be boys.
They got out a couple of times when I thought I had possibly not shut the cage properly, but eventually it transpired that one knew how to open the door – just nipped the wires together and sprung the door open.
They flew off but always came back at night, so eventually we never bothered to put the peg on the door to stop them!
Lovely to see them flying free, up with the swallows, in the trees (well camoflagued surprisingly) they disappeared for three days once and I thought we had lost them, put notes through doors, but they came back. I was surprised to discover how far away people told me they had seen them!
Sadly one died, just laid dead in the cage one morning, so Poppet was alone, we bought another two but they stuck as a pair and an odd. After those two died (!) we let Poppet out again and she/he flies free and scolds when he/she wants to come in the house to be with Barney and Holly the ring-neck parrakeets. They don’t appreciate her nicking all the food, but after a quick chase round without any hope of catching her (she ducks through the wires of their cage) they ignore her till she goes out the window again.
She/he mimics the sound of Holly the parrakeet and to hear that outside is nerve-wracking as I am not sure Holly would come back!

Poppet sitting on the bridge of the pond

Sunning herself/himself on the dragon ornament

Silhouette of Poppet on the bridge

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How lovely is that! Beautiful garden too :o)

26 Jun, 2013


Poppet sounds a right character! lol. I bet s/he gives you lots of fun and joy. :-) How nice s/he has the freedom in the day, but can return home to safety at night.

26 Jun, 2013


amazing adventures you all had at one time (nice memories) lovely garden for birds to vocate too. Poppet sounds quite a character :)

nice photo and lovely storys , thank you for sharing.

from jane.

26 Jun, 2013


That's lovely but I'd be terrified that a cat might catch her!! Or is she just too clever for them? She sounds delightful.

26 Jun, 2013


I would be terrified that the Sparrowhawk would get it. It is a pain around here. They are beautiful birds love it.

26 Jun, 2013


We did worry about the sparrowhawk which sometimes visits, haven't seen it for a while now but if I know it's about I don't let her out, much to her disgust!
She is very quick in flight, no chance of the cat getting her, but the hawk, possibly.
To hear her calling from way up in the sky with the swallows is lovely. It's amazing how well hidden she is, she can be sitting in a tree calling, only a few feet away and until she moves you just don't see her.
She is also top dog with the other birds, if on the peanut holder, they are hers until she gets fed up.

26 Jun, 2013


Nice to see Poppet enjoying the garden :o)

26 Jun, 2013

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