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October or March for the Hostas?


I bought these pansies, a week last Saturday, from a local G.C. to replace the busy Lizzies that had finished in the pots and some wallflowers to put round the wall on the patio. It smelled so good in the garden centre with all the pansies, I wanted to move in.

These are a few I had left over. I will give them to my daughter to put in her window box

The plants I had ordered arrived on Monday. I was expecting them to be dormant or near enough. When I opened the box and saw these Hostas with new growth comming I was quite surprised.
I potted them up on Tuesday as I daren’t put them in the garden in case it frosts soon. There were supposed to be ten of them but I found a tiny one hiding iin the bottom of the bag so I put her in a little pot. Here they are.

The Calystegia were a shock. I was expecting roots. This is what I got!! Ten of them.

Oh well, I potted them up too. They are to go in the border under the big old cherry tree where it’s dry shade.
I was going to clear the strawberry bed out and found the pink flowered strawberries flowering again. They haven’t time to make anything but they are pretty.

I bought a couple of clematis and a honeysuckle from Makro in the plant sale last week as well. The white one—Mont. Grandiflora is to go in with the Nelly Moser to extend the flowering season.The President is to go on the trellis between the slope and flat lawns. I don’t know where to put the honeysuckle.

We picked the last (I think) runner beans for lunch although they are still flowering like mad and there are dozens of 3 inch long beans still on.

Well, the tidying of the strawberry bed will save until tomorrow. The forecast says it’s going to be dull but mild until Thursday so hopefully we can all get out there and get tidied up before the weather turns too cold and wet.

To finnish heres another photo taken today of the Hostas. Growing like it’s spring!!!

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Interesting blog, Homebird....
You've made some good purchases...
The pansies are lovely :o)

4 Oct, 2009


I wish I could get things like that through the post, the last lot I got went straight into the compost. (but I got my money back)

4 Oct, 2009


Interesting to see how much the hostas will grow before the winter. They usually die back now but maybe they've been kept indoors in the nursery before you had them.
I like your little violas - lovely colour. And you're having great success with your beans too :o) Mine were a terrible disaster this year.

5 Oct, 2009


Sorry to hear about your disapointing plants Ian. Glad to hear you got your money refunded. I ordered bizzy lizzy once and they looked as though someone had trampled all over them. I eventually got a refund but I have never ordered them by mail since. Thankyou TT They do smell lovely. Pity they have to be outside!! I think you are right Hywell they must have been indoors before I got them. I will keep them in the greenhouse over winter. The strong winds and the cold winds early in the season stopped the beans from being polinated. There were no bees around here until late july.

5 Oct, 2009

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