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Beginning of February in the garden.


Along with many of you, I have been trying to shake off this nasty virus that has been doing the rounds. On Tuesday, sick of being indoors I put on my gardening coat and braved the cold wind. Talk about blow the cobwebs off, it nearly blew my coat off. It certainly did me good though because this morning I woke up without a headache, for the first time in 3 weeks. Yippee.
We have a respite today from the wind and rain so I thought I had better pick up the broken branches that have flown into the garden. T is busy repairing the front of the greenhouse where the storm pushed in the frame and smashed three panes of glass. Thank goodness its repairable.
While I was out there I took a few photos of the plants that are flowering. I think the Crocus and the snowdrops are earlier this year. We are steadily getting through the winter months and it feels like spring is just around the corner now.
Here are a few photo’s I took this morning. It was way too windy earlier in the week. :o)

The Greengage always blossoms in February, far too early really but you can’t make it wait any longer.. lol.

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I enjoyed this very much HB! Your garden is way ahead of mine. It looks great! I'm sorry to hear about your virus, it's a nasty one. Thank goodness your head isn't sore any more. Some people are like this with sinus issues. My OH often gets a really bad sore head just with the change in air pressure outdoors. Thankfully I don't suffer with that. I would find it debilitating. Your greengage flowers too early to set fruit then? Mine flowers much later but last year I didn't have a single gage which is a pity as they are delicious! Maybe this year....

13 Feb, 2020


Thanks Karen. The Greengage sets fruit every year. There is another tree two gardens over which probably pollinates it. You would think with it being in the highest, windiest, coldest part of the garden it would wait until much later to blossom. It looks like it has snowed up there once the petals start to fall. Good luck with yours this year.

13 Feb, 2020


Your garden is way ahead of ours too, OH has also gone down with that nasty virus...even been in bed for one day which isn't like him.Been earnestly wiping door handles with dettol wipes!!

13 Feb, 2020


Lots going on in your garden Homebird.
I’m pleased you were well enough to have a mooch.

13 Feb, 2020


That’s brilliant news HB! Well, in its first year mine had nothing, in its second year it bore two fruit, and last year, nothing. So if its doing a biennial fruiting we might get some this year....

13 Feb, 2020


Enjoyed viewing your garden Hb. I hope you will soon be completely over the virus.

13 Feb, 2020


Hi Sheila, your garden is looking good, glad you're feeling a lot better, spring wont be long now, hopefully the storm this weekend will be the last for this year, Derek.

13 Feb, 2020


Thanks Meadow, Dawn and Ff. I hope your OH improves quickly Meadow, it really saps your strength. I think I have bought shares in cold relief, Kleenex and hand
It really does you good to get out in the fresh air.

13 Feb, 2020


your garden looks lovely. so much going on in it.

13 Feb, 2020


Lots of flowers you have love the snow drops in the lawn and in other areas which looks great and so many others flowering too looks like spring. Hope your virus goes soon.

They always said back in the day if you have whooping cough before spring the cough will go when spring arrives but if you get the whopping cough after spring the cough will stay till next spring so let's hope your virus leaves in spring.

But I hate to tell you Homebird we have 3 more storms to come tomorrow its forecasts storm Dennis following by storm Ellen then another after that. Heavy rain less wind tomorrow the say Wales will have floods as a months full of rain will fall.

14 Feb, 2020


Thats a good tip about Dettol wipes. I suppose any kind of anti-bacterial wipe would be useful. We just dont think about keeping door knobs/handles clean.

14 Feb, 2020


Hope you are feeling much better now. Your garden must have really cheered you up as it has so many pretty, spring like corners.

14 Feb, 2020


Pleased you’re feeling better, Homebird. Loved your blog, a real opener to Spring, lots of new growth and colour too!

14 Feb, 2020


Thank you Derek, Sbg, 3d, Goldie, Wildrose and Kate. Fingers crossed that storm Denis forecast for this weekend isn’t half as strong as last weekend’s.

15 Feb, 2020


Just found this blog Homebird and hope you are fully recovered now!
Its lovely to see all the new growth, isn't it ! Makes me think of the Spring.
You were very lucky with your greenhouse!

16 Feb, 2020


Thanks Rose I am well over the bug now. Yes we were very lucky. When I saw the bubble wrap blowing like a kite through the door, I knew we were in trouble. We managed to stabilise the front frame and wedge some sheets of polycarbonate between the frame and the water barrels. It held it until T could sort it out when the wind eased.
It’s great to see the daffodil bulbs popping up in the garden and almost in flower.

19 Feb, 2020

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