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Late November in the garden..


We have recently returned after spending a few days with relatives who live in Spain. Blimey what a shock to the system….It was cardigan cold in the evenings there but it’s gone from mild to freezing here while we have been away.
The plants that were flowering well after the hottest summer I have known for a long time to (like me) frost shocked!!! :o(
T and I spent a great few hours this morning clearing the dead and dying and blowing off the leaves that are still falling from the Copper Beech. I snapped a few photos of the plants with a few flowers braving the wet and cold temperatures. Again, like me, the plants don’t mind the cold dry weather but the cold and wet soon sees them off.
The Chrysanthemums and Snap Dragons in the front garden look lovely..

and the Clematis around the kitchen window has a few flowers out.

The Penstemons may appear to be delicate plants but in fact they are quite hardy. They flower from mid summer through to mid winter. It’s a pleasure to see them flowering with more buds to open.

There pretty little plants have flowered so well this year and as you can see they are still going.

This Hebe ‘Greth’ looks good and recovered from it’s move further into the border.

On the trellis the Clematis ‘Jingle Bells’ is one mass of flowers.

..and front..

I cut this shrub right down in the summer because something was chomping holes in the leaves. I sprayed what was left and the soil beneath with some bug spray I had handy and it’s come back lovely and healthy.

In the greenhouse I had put the bubble wrap up just in case it turned very frosty while we were away and it’s a good job I did as the Christmas cacti were in bud. They are all in flower now. I brought these two down to the house as they were the most advanced.

I will bring the others down as the buds begin to open.

It was great to see this ? nemesia in flower on the greenhouse bench. It’s been growing in that beaten up plastic trough for over 3 years, it never seems to die off. Oh! dear , I’ve probably jinxed it now.!!

The arch near the greenhouse has been dripping with passion flowers and then fruit that look like orange baubles. They’ve loved the hot summer we had.

Before we went away I put two Fuchsia into the greenhouse as they looked as if they were going over but was delighted to see that they have been given a new lease of life.

This afternoon I picked the last of the eating apples from the garden and pulled the last of the sweet peppers from the greenhouse.

I also found this gorgeous Carnation flowering in the border. I doubt there will be any more worth picking.

Well it was really good to be home and busy in my garden. Holidays are lovely but I am happiest in my garden. :o)

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Exactly the same feeling, Homebird.... Always looking forward to returning to the garden...

25 Nov, 2018


Yes, me too . . . I love coming home to the place where I’m happiest . . . the garden (and greenhouse).

What a lovely lot of colour you have still, Sheila, and Nemesia are amazing aren’t they? Mine have flowered all summer too - I will definitely grow them again :)

25 Nov, 2018


You have got some lovely colour there. Can't wait till my passion flower takes off and gets the fruit on it. Your looks really good.

26 Nov, 2018


I hope you had a glorious holiday HB, and even though it was a shock to return to proper November weather !! your garden is continuing to shine for you, especially Jingle Bells, we have it but its obviously not as happy as yours!! the apples look most inviting....enjoy, and welcome back home...

26 Nov, 2018


Excuse me, did you say 'a few flowers'? You've got loads of lovely flowers here far more than in my garden! Your Christmas Cactus look great. Mine has all but finished.
Glad you enjoyed your trip to Spain, but like you say, it's nice to come home.

26 Nov, 2018


You were lucky to get back to find a lot of flowers still open in your garden!

Today it seems it's very cold in Spain but the sun is shining according to our family over there.

Your Christmas Cacti look fabulous! I have one big plant in bloom at present & several smaller ones that have finished & some that haven't started yet.

27 Nov, 2018


I do envy you all that colour in your garden.
Must have been quite a culture shock coming home to this cold, wet weather!!

27 Nov, 2018


It was enough to freeze you when we got off the aeroplane last Tuesday afternoon. Siling down with rain and a biting wind. 6c. brrrrr We had had a day of rain in Spain the day before but it was 19c. The temps there had ranged from 17c to 23c. and cool at night. It's teaming with rain now and the wind is getting up. I doubt the flowers will stand up to this..

27 Nov, 2018


Lovely blog, so much colour. I love the Fuchsia & those apples look really nice. Glad you had a good hol in Spain, sorry about the usual UK cold & wet!

28 Nov, 2018


It's nice to see your garden having so much interest at this time of year :)

28 Nov, 2018


It's all a bit soggy now though!!

29 Nov, 2018

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