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A fire bowl for our daughter


Shelley asked T if he would make her a fire bowl for the patio. They were too expensive to buy she said!!
T being T, couldn’t say no to her so off he went to the steel merchants for supplies :o)
Here is the progress he made with it last Monday..

first job was to mark out and cut the steel sheet

Then, after cutting and start of construction, it was time for a tea break

Coming together nicely

welding finished

Fettled and heatproof paint applied


Later made a stand for it and took it to Shelley’s.
Another photo to follow when it’s in use. :)

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Wow, I think that is really clever. Well done your OH.

7 Sep, 2017


Wow! What a very useful Dad! He could make a cottage industry out of that! :)

7 Sep, 2017


He's very clever. It looks lovely - very professional. Nice to have a father like that :)
or to be like that one's self lol

7 Sep, 2017


Place a spike in the middle of it and stick on a marshmallow or hotdog to cook. You have inadvertently made a superb parabolic solar reflector aka solar oven.

8 Sep, 2017


Wow! You Clever Old Stick, Errr! Sorry, Young Stick LOL, my Barry could make one out of wood LOL, maybe not LOL.
You could make her a matching planter too, Just a thought.
Errrr! Out of interest how much did she save?

8 Sep, 2017


Thats brilliant Hb, clever T . and so original nobody else will have one like that ....

8 Sep, 2017


What a kind and skilled person your OH is Sheila . . . it's amazing!

8 Sep, 2017



8 Sep, 2017


Crikey! A fire bowl and a Sky TV receiver in one!

Seriously, that's a very nice piece of work. I bet Shelley was thrilled.

8 Sep, 2017


That's brilliant, pun intended, lol

8 Sep, 2017


Oh my goodness, that's fantastic! How clever is T?...and what a lucky daughter!

8 Sep, 2017


Thats so good and even more so because her dad has made it for her....

8 Sep, 2017


What a clever & skilled chap you have, lucky daughter!

9 Sep, 2017


What a clever man,your OH is,Sheila..and I'm sure your daughter is so proud of him for making it for her..something she will always really is brilliant..:o)

10 Sep, 2017


That is seriously pretty not to mention bespoke; how lucky your daughter is to have such a talented and accommodating relative.

I've looked at lots of fire bowls/pits lately and your daughter's is in a different class altogether!
Well done your OH.

Another thought; new business idea?

12 Sep, 2017


Thanks so much for your really nice comments. I've passed them on to T.
When he went for steel to make more plant supports for me, the chap told him he was waiting for a fresh supply as he had sold it all after Monty Don showed everyone how to make hoops for their garden. He was very grateful to Monty he

18 Sep, 2017


I was grateful to Monty too as it beats paying out for expensive GC ones.

19 Sep, 2017


Well done clever!

17 Feb, 2018


Thankyou Dd. It's had a lot of use since T made it. ?

18 Feb, 2018

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