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Life after vine weavil infestation....


I wrote a blog about finding a severe infestation of vine weavil in my planters last year. The roots of all my strawberries were totally gone and had to be binned. The roots of my Phormiums and a Sarcococca were badly affected. I rinsed off all the soil from the Phormiums and the Sarcococca and plunged the plants in a weak solution of Jays Fluid. I must point out that its not recommended for use this way. I replanted into fresh soil. I thought I’d show you how the plants have faired since then.
I searched the garden for the Sarcococca (I’d forgotten where I had put it) finding it tucked away behind the greenhouse. :o) It looks as if it has survived the rough treatment…

I had little hope of the Phormiums surviving but as you will see, one of them has even produced a baby….

I feel so lucky to have been able to save these. :o)

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Lucky you and the plants. Death to the VWs.

5 Feb, 2017


I second that Sue.

5 Feb, 2017


Worth the effort as it gives you a senseof achievement when it would be easy to give in....throw away and buy new.

5 Feb, 2017


So pleased that you came to their rescue.

5 Feb, 2017


Fascinated by the name of your house - is there a story behind it?

5 Feb, 2017


I regularly go on the hunt for Vine weevil. I lost my purple stem sarcoccoca to VW this autumn. The grower said they were treated to prevent them. I suspect he fibbed a bit!

I usually find them in the strawberry pots too and even when all the roots are chewed off the plants can be encouraged to grow new roots. I probe any hole as some of them enter a small hole then feed inside and end up too big to exit it. I find it curiously satisfying.
I then pot the plants up like any cutting and I have 90% success rate too.

6 Feb, 2017


Well done Homebird - we seem to attract the vine weevil here too - although I have several deterrents on the go - including turning pots out and checking the roots - and repotting again - they attacked the begonias and primulas last year - hopefully I will be one step ahead this year - your plants look really healthy - Jane

6 Feb, 2017


You were lucky, especially using Jeys fluid!! we are finding them in our potted Heucheras it is getting to be a major problem now, the plants have been washed, and then dosed with vw treatment.... fingers crossed they do as well as yours!

21 Feb, 2017


So glad your Jeys Fluid treatment worked. Perhaps you should write to them to tell them what you did....?

25 Feb, 2017

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