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End of November.


It’s been a beautiful day today. The sun has been shining, the sky a perfect blue.

T decided to put the Christmas lights on our ‘Christmas tree’, an Abies Koreana, while the weather was calm and dry. . It’s about 12ft tall now and T needed to get the ladders out in order to reach the tip. We will leave the lights on it now, until the bulbs stop working. I hope that won’t be for some years yet…lol.. I was surprised to see a few cones hanging on, they are usually shed well before now. I took a photo tonight when we turned them on to check if they needed adjusting. We need another string of lights for around the lower branches we think. I can get some tomorrow. We won’t turn them on again now until the first weekend in December.

After we had strung the lights I spent a lovely couple of hours dead heading and cutting back around the slope lawn. I could even feel a little warmth from the sun on my face. I left a few plants that are still flowering as it seemed a shame to cut them down. This Dahlia is one of them…

Nearby, a Penstemon, Beech Park, keeps throwing off a few more flower.

….as well as this unnamed one further up the garden.

There are a few roses out too. This pretty ‘School Girl’ climber has flowered constantly since early summer…

By the side and above it the Cotoneaster has turned a fantastic red. T thought it was red berries but it’s mostly leaves. I had cut this right back to the trellis in late summer.

This Rudbeckia is keeping its colour really well despite all the torrential rain we had last week. As soon as the flowers fade I will dig it up and keep it over winter in the greenhouse.

Rosa Pascalli continues to grace us with more buds…

….and the berries on the winter box look juicy. There are flower buds forming so it won’t be long before its heady scent wafts across the steps into the patio.

In the border by the pond theses grasses are doing well.

Siris’ plant has been flowering for a month or so now and there seem to be several more buds to open, weather permitting.

This Osteospermum is a strong willed little plant.

Haven’t the Fuchsias done well this year, after a slow start. These in the front garden have grown enormously.

…and the red Penstemons nearby continue to produce their lovely trumpets.

The geranium plug plants I put in have been pathetic but I do love this pretty little one.

After lunch we had a run out to the independent garden centre we favour. I’ve been looking for another crab apple tree for a while and when we last called they told us to call again this week when the new stock arrived. I was so pleased to find a lovely weeping crab apple called ’Cheal’s Weeping’. I shall put a photo on tomorrow. The fruit is much bigger than the fruit on our other tree, a ‘Gorgious Malus’. Fingers crossed there will be plenty of apples to make more crab apple jelly next year. ☺️
And just to lighten your spirits as the days get so short and the nights too long….

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Will make us all happy too !

25 Nov, 2016


I love the conifer it is the perfect tree for Christmas lights, and yours really looks the part......
Still so much colour in your garden, I think we need to make the most of it, going colder next week, we have all been fairly lucky, so far!! great blog H B!

25 Nov, 2016


Lovely lot of colour still in your garden to lift the spirits. The Pentemons have been a non stop group, although I have reduced mine in height, they were getting so big. Abies is going to do a splendid job as a Christmas Tree when you have the December illumination turn-on.

26 Nov, 2016


How lovely to have lights in your own tree! Good to see some colour in the November garden too.

Smashing photo of the children ... :o)

26 Nov, 2016


Your tree will be very pretty for Christmas Sheila :)
It's wonderful how some flowers survive so late into the autumn. Always nice to see them ...

That's a very happy pic of your grand children. They're certainly enjoying themselves :)

26 Nov, 2016


wow, all those flowers still....AND a christmas tree! Brilliant. All my flowers have been frozen and need cutting back now. It's sad, but more appropriate for the season. :) The weather during the day and the sunsets have been incredible during this very cold snap, so I am quite happy.

26 Nov, 2016


Love lights in the garden. We usually go for solar ones and they are surprisingly "successful".

The Penstemon images made me feel guilty. OH liked them very much at one time and we even visited the collection at Pershore College. I was not keen and persuaded him to go for Alstroemeria instead. Not sorry about the latter, but the Penstemon certainly seem to be challenging the weather.

27 Nov, 2016


Beautiful, beautiful! Love the lights! Can you believe it's that time of year again? We have had some lovely sunny days recently although driving across the flat land around here is something of a challenge under those conditions!

27 Nov, 2016


Thankyou everyone. This year seems to have flown by. It doesn't seem like I've noticed most of Spring, Summer and Autumn passing. I can't have spent as much time in the garden as I normally do.
Melchi, it's the sun so low in the sky that I find a problem when I'm driving. I can't seem to position the sun visors adequately and don't like wearing sun glasses, taking them off and putting them on all the time.
It is due to get much colder this coming week, I saw the forecasts for Scotland Karen and your garden stood up really well to the very low temperatures you've had. We are expecting temps into the -c from tonight. That will see the end of most of the flowers that are out now. It's been a beautiful dry sunny day again today though and wrapped up, it's a pleasure to be outside.
I love our Abies all year long and especially lit up for Christmas. Not long now before we switch on the lights.
The grandchildren love to go to the park for a couple of hours, me too, when it's not too muddy. Certainly puts the colour in your cheeks, especially if there's a wind chill. ?

28 Nov, 2016


Love the picture of your grandchildren having a great time. The dawns have been really colourful the last few mornings and the sun is shining here although the frost is still on the ground in the shady parts of the garden. Your tree looks lovely with Christmas lights on.

30 Nov, 2016

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