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The last week in August and the garden is looking decidedly drab now.


Looking around the garden while dead heading, I realised how the colour is quickly fading from it.
In the hope that the perennials I have put in over the last few years would provide enough interest over the year, I had decided not to buy or sow many annuals. I am wishing now that I had. I was expecting the cosmos and verbena from last year to have self sown seedlings, but only four tiny cosmos appeared and no verbena at all and I was expecting the rudbeckias to come back and they didn’t.
Because its been so cool and damp, the dianthus which are normally a continuous profusion of flowers from May to the first frosts, have almost given up flowering. These are stoutly braving the damp weather……

This is how the slope lawn borders looked a few weeks ago ….

……this is how they look now!!!

Awfully dull isn’t it without the annuals to brighten it up.
I am so glad I allowed these few plants to grow this year.

Luckily the roses are having a second flush now with ‘Hot Chocolate’ doing better now than it did a few weeks ago.

This one is a very old rose. One of the few we brought with us when we moved here 28 or so years ago. It flowers so well without fail every year. I have no idea what it’s name is.

The climbing rose I bought about 5yrs ago and has no name has also decided to give plenty of flowers this year

Paul’s Scarlet is starting to bloom again. It’s only been in the garden a year so it’s not had chance to start climbing yet.

I have been mesmerised by the number of beautiful water lilies this year. They are still flowering well and loads more buds are surfacing. T brought me a beautiful new one last Saturday called ‘Almost Black’. It has several buds on and I can’t wait to see the flowers. These are the ones in flower at the moment.

The cyclamen are starting to flower in the sides of the pond..

and the ones I bought as tiny plants a few weeks ago are growing well and adding a bit of colour to the planters..

The seeds of Sweet William, Wallflower and Chrysanthemums I sowed just over a week ago are growing well in the greenhouse. Hopefully they will be good strong plants for the borders next year.

The Gailardia are giving the top border a bit of colour…

I have just split some of the Heucheras…….

….and taken cuttings from these Penstemons…..

I have never done it before so fingers are crossed the cuttings take.
I am cutting the lilies and gladioli to bring indoors now as we are having so many downpours lately and a brisk wind which is bending the flowers right over and spoiling them. I am enjoying them in the vases indoors though.

Thank goodness for the Hydrangeas they are still showing some colour…..

The flat lawn border isn’t too bad for colour. Perhaps it looks better because there isn’t as much border to fill here. (and a little looks like plenty…

The top garden is filling up now and it looks a bit brighter up there……

I mowed the lawns today and cut down or deadheaded a lot of the plants, and it looks a lot better now.
I am writing my list off seeds to order for next year. I am determined not to be caught out again this time next year…..:o))
I hope you are all enjoying plenty of colour in your gardens still.

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Most of my garden is taken up with growing veggies which is slowly coming to the end of its shelve life.
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous flowers especially the roses and my favourite the hydrangea's.

28 Aug, 2012


Your garden is doing well in spite of the weather, especially your roses and water lilies. I sewed some annuals but they all failed. I think it was too cold for them.

28 Aug, 2012


Goodness me HB. You have been a busy girl!!
Some beautiful pictures. Your water lillies are gorgeous. Good luck with the Penstrmon cuttings. Beautiful snaps of your gorgeous garden.

28 Aug, 2012


Kim thank you very much. Wish I had a veg plot like yours.
Hywel. Some plants have done better this year than they usually do but a lot of others have struggled. The s&s have caused havock in all our gardens too.
Scottish, thank you very much. I was getting a bit fed up of seeing a lot of the plants going over so soon. But now I have properly deadheaded or cut things back it looks much better. I am really missing the lovely Rudbeckias.

28 Aug, 2012


Gosh Hb, you still have lots of colours in your garden. The dianthus are gorgeous, and the lillies and penstemons. Good luck with the cuttings, I have managed a few, plus a few Heuchera. Yours are looking great.

28 Aug, 2012


lovely blog Hb mines looking quite dull apart from a few annuals, love the red cyclamen there too. :-)

28 Aug, 2012


Your roses look amazing compared to ours, all are suffering from black spot etc and you have plenty of colour still, I think it is all very pretty.

28 Aug, 2012


Still some great flowers there HB - the rudbeckias are quite late ones - mine just starting to show - daisies are about the only flowers I can grow ! Yes the winter months are horrid - red cornus are great HB for some lovely interest and I have pyracanthas and cotoneaters for berries

29 Aug, 2012


Hi,Cinders. Thankyou, I love my dianthus, they usually flower so well from May to the frosts. I haven't tried to take cuttings from Penstemons before so fingers crossed...
Hi Sl. Thanks. The only annuals I have are a few geraniums that I overwintered and took cuttings from that are adding a well needed splash of colour to a few areas. I love the cyclamen, they have grown really well and they were only cheapies from Morries. Should have bought
Hi, Dd, thankyou. Most of our roses have black spot to some degree. It looks like most people's have this year. They didn't flower very well until this past week.
Hi Paul, I bought some Rudbeckia 'Green Wizzard' in the spring and not one have come up. I don't know if the s&s have had them all or they were just poor plants. Can't even find a stick of them to send back....I just cut my cotoneaster back now that the clematis that grows through it has finished flowering. I put a dogwood in the garden some years ago but it just died. I will have to try another one as they are great for winter interest as you say.

29 Aug, 2012


Think your garden looks gorgeous compared to mine Hb!! Mine is very dull now except for the white marguerite, jap. anenome and crocosmias very little left we have had such a short summer havent we? Your roses are lovely and the cyclamen. I have cheated too and have bought some little cyclamen and begonia for some flowers on our deck, also Lilies and am hoping they will flower for a few weeks yet. So much to tidy this time of year :(

29 Aug, 2012


Lost my green wizard one too HB - lovely things too

29 Aug, 2012


I have taken many cuttings from penstemons and find they take very easily, good luck.

29 Aug, 2012


I must be looking at your garden differently Homebird, its certainly not drab to me, I lost most of my summer bedding so there was a gap whereby the garden was mostly green, however the ones I class as autumn ones started flowering early and are doing very well so that has made up for it, love all your water lilies and the roses are beauties, something else here thats had a very bad time but picking up now, only one penstemon in flower here, my darker ones have no buds whatsoever although the plants themselves are growing well, its a very weird year in the garden, pouring down here yet again, I `ve been reduced to doing housework, lol..

29 Aug, 2012


Brilliant blog Hb....

29 Aug, 2012


Thankyou Gmage. It has been a really disappointing summer. I seem to have been constantly waiting for some sunny warm days and so have the I filled one of those material bulk sand bags with prunings, hedge trimmings and spent flowers this week after filling up the compost heap. Tried to cram as many hedge
clippings as possible into the green bin this morning.

Sorry you lost your Green Wizard too Paul. I had seen them on here and was really taken with them. I think it was Bjs who first put a photo on.

Lizziebee. How did you get your cuttings to root. I need as much advice as possible as I haven't done it before.

Lincslass, did you lose them to the s&s. or the poor weather. They got all my dahlias and I think the sodden soil saw my Rudbeckias off. It's been throwing it down or drizzling here all day until 5 minutes ago when the sun came out. Bit of a cool wind now though. The house has never been so tidy and clear of ironing as it has this summer!!!!

Thankyou Moti. I feel a lot better about the garden now it's tidied up properly and cleared of miserable dying flowers and foliage. :o))

29 Aug, 2012


Homebird - can I suggest you add a couple of heleniums next year? They brighten up the garden at this time of year

29 Aug, 2012


Andrew...Can you believe I have just been looking at those and put them on my list to get with some assorted Rudbeckias seeds. I particularly want to get 'Double trouble' and 'Ruby Tuesday'. Thank you for helping me feel I have chosen the right sort of plants.

29 Aug, 2012


I think they were swamped Homebird, the only ones to survive were in the pots, mind you everything else has loved our weather and my flowers are huge, i did have a smashing summer as regards my sweetpeas, both annuals and everlasting still doing well......

29 Aug, 2012


I put some everlasting sweet peas in, that I had grown from seed last year and they have enormous flowers, and have many more flowers on than the ordinary ones have.

29 Aug, 2012


Your greenhouse is crowded with new plants for next year. Can you tell me how you water them over winter. I have a cold greenhouse and usually leave it empty over winter but I would like to start seeds off now. Can you give me some advise? Many thanks. Anne

2 Sep, 2012


I keep the plants on the dry side Phs, only watering sparingly when they are dry and from the base instead of wetting the leaves. Then keep my fingers Do you line yours with bubble insulation. I do to keep it frost free. I have a heater that I can use if the temperatures drop far bellow freezing but I don't like to rely on it.

2 Sep, 2012


I think you have some beautiful flowers, Homebird. I have been tidying up over the last few days as the weather has been good. It improves the garden very quickly, but it is always disappointing when things don't quite match up to expectations, and it has been a very difficult year. There's always next season to look forward to, though!

9 Sep, 2012


Always planning for the next season aren't we. I get itchy fingers waiting to start moving things about.....I really must try to restrain of these days I am at risk of killing off all the plants by moving them at the wrong time..T is relieved when I concentrate on changing things round in the garden. It stops me moving the furniture about he says.......

9 Sep, 2012


Lol! :-)

9 Sep, 2012

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