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Second half of October in the garden.


I expected most of the flowers to be finished when we got back from our holiday but was so surprised to find most things still flowering like mad. I decided to do this blog more of a record for myself than anything so that I could look back and see if they are flowering as late next year.




Penstemon ‘Picotee Red’…..

….last of the ‘Hot Chocolate’ roses….

Verbena Bonariensis….

Salvia ‘Sensation Deep Rose’

Geraniums flowering their socks off still despite the first frost this morning…

as I walked up the steps I noticed a lovely scent and was surprised to see this coming into flower…..

…These primroses have been flowering for ages now…

…..the Rudbeckia have been fantastic this year and seem to just go on and on…

These Dahlias were very late starting into flower but doing well up to press…

The sedum is a glorious colour at the moment..

….it was nice to see this small shrub beginning to flower

..and the scent from the ‘water hawthorn’ is intoxicating..

I brought these carnations in from the greenhouse where the lowest temperature last night was 2.5c. Time to put the bubble wrap back up I suspect. Job for tomorrow I think….

I spent a couple of hours dead heading and pulling up the spent cosmos until I started with hot aches in my hands and had to come indoors. I decided to use some bananas that were getting a bit too ripe, to make banana cakes for the grandchildren. It was soon lovely and warm in the kitchen and I just carried on baking, ending up with a couple of lemon cakes, tea cakes, and a loaf of bread and 6 cobs. by the time I had finished I was toasty warm and STARVING….lol.

As I was clearing up I noticed the pheasants were checking out the back garden. We haven’t seen them since the spring…

Well I have had a lovely day today and I do hope you all have too.
Take care,
Sheila x

Oh! and this was an early birthday pressy from my friend when I saw her at our ‘old girls night out’ last night. she’s away next week and wanted me to enjoy it now. Bless her. It’s a lovely rose.

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Lovely blog...Any blog featuring Banana Cake ( it is the same as my Banana Bread ? ) gets my vote.

20 Oct, 2011


I'm off to have a look Pimpernel. :o))

20 Oct, 2011


Yours look a lot lighter in texture than banana bread HB

20 Oct, 2011


lovely to see all the colour you still have Hb, love the Pond, and all your baking is making me hungry :-))

20 Oct, 2011


Your garden is looking lovely...
full of colour !
I hope you enjoy your birthday .. :o)

20 Oct, 2011


Lovely Homebird - all going great for you. Love your edging yellow stones around :))) Cosmos are excellent I must get some next year of these !!! Marigolds are superb so big and bushy- I love the smell too :)))
I bought Penstemon "sour grapes" I think they're lovely plants - a bit more tender I think though ??

Beautiful red rose! I see you have those reindeer antler plants - can't remember name but I just think of Rudolf when I see them :D I love these - have one in a pot :)))

Sarcococca really nice leaves - tempter again :D Our primroses coming back a little not as good as yours though

Rudbeckia yet another one on list now - fire red beauties!!! I love reds :))))

Dahlias doing great - mine died a month ago and sedum great too !!!

All lovely pics and the baking makes me feel very hungry!!!

Very Nice Blog :))))))))))

20 Oct, 2011


lovely plants, flowers and baking too!! lovely blog!

20 Oct, 2011


Your garden looks lovely,But the baking makes me

20 Oct, 2011


Lovely blog Homebird, everything is lasting so well this year, its a treat to see all the garden pics and how much colour still remaining, my primroses are being eaten by the birds as soon as they spot them, wouldn`t mind if I wasn`t already filling the feeders and putting apples down for them, cheeky beggars....

20 Oct, 2011


Your garden is looking usual Sheila :)...
Isn't it amazing how many plants are still plodding along.
We had freezing temps last night....had to defrost windscreen when I finished work this morning brrrrr!
I love your pond - sitting in the conservatory looking out onto the water must be very soathing!
Baking looks yummy!!

20 Oct, 2011


Nice that you had some colour to welcome you back home, hope you had a good holiday.
Didn`t do any Cosmos this year and have really missed them, the`re so delicate and airy.
Your little shrub Viburnum `Eva Price` is at about the same stage as mine.
I often make Banana tea cake but haven`t made bread for years - yours looks yummy.
Happy Birthday for next week, have fun.

20 Oct, 2011


Now I know why you were up with the larks,like me,this morning ! :o)..think we were the only two ,at that ridiculous hour..but what a productive day you have had..and not wasted a moment of it..sorry I can't say the same about my day..pretty laid back is about right .Your garden is so nice,Homebird,and what a lovely rose from your friend,..I will be away too,so Happy Birthday in advance..your baking looks so good..I haven't made Banana bread for ages either..

20 Oct, 2011


I enjoyed looking round your garden - but what I would like to ask is 'Where did you go on your holiday, and did you have a good time?'

Fancy coming back and baking all day! I hope you unpacked first! lol.

20 Oct, 2011


Thanks so much for all the lovely comments.
I haven't tried banana bread Pimprnel, must get the recipe and give it a go. It's not in any of my recipe books.
I would really miss the pond and fish if anything happened to it Sl.
Thanks Tt, I am getting to the age when I prefer to celebrate other peoples birthdays and forget how old I am. lol
Paul I can send you some Cosmos seed to throw down in the spring if you would like some. I will have to go and have a look what the 'raindeer antler' plant is tomorrow, you have got me wondering now. lol. Thanks for your lovely comments. :o)))
Thanks Stickie.
Thanks Brian, My son came with the children this evening and took a couple of the cakes and nearly all the bread has gone.
The cheeky birds Lins, there isn't much you can do to stop them is there. I think the very cold nights will finish all the flowers off this week though.
Thanks Scottish, I'm pleasantly surprised how well everyones gardens are still showing a lot of colour. Glad I didn't have to use the car first thing. I hate waiting for the car to warm up, and not looking forward to the mornings we have to scrape and defrost the windows. I think the pond under the window was one of our better
Thanks Stroller, we took our son and his wife and their 2 children to Lanzarote and it was really great. The children are 2 and 7 and the first time they had been abroad. Matthew 7 was so excited. I feel like I had my birthday on holliday. I love Cosmos for it's ferney foliage as much as it's flowers.
Thanks Bloomer, laid back sounds good to me. Going to do a bit in the greenhouse tomorrow and then it's legs up on the settee all afternoon with a bit of luck. I hope you have a lovely time away next week. Hope you are going somewhere nice and warm.
Again..thank you all very much.

20 Oct, 2011


Sorry Spritz I was replying when your comment came in. We took our son and his wife and their 2 children (2 and 7yrs) to lanzarote. It was perfect. The children were so excited as it was the first time they had been abroad. It's so cold now we are back though..brrrrr.

20 Oct, 2011


I will send it to you HB ...More like a tea bread than cake.

20 Oct, 2011


Thanks Pimpernel I would like to give it a try. The cake I make is from my very old Mrs Beeton's Family Cookbook from the North American recipe section. The book is so old it even tells you how to black lead a cooking

20 Oct, 2011


Mine is from me Gran,,,Heavy stuff from the blackest bananas

20 Oct, 2011


Sounds good to recipes are worth keeping.

20 Oct, 2011


Lovely blog Hb good to see your garden still looking so colourful, and I can just about smell that bread and those cakes, any left?

20 Oct, 2011


Thanks Homebird - see if I have room still :D Thanks though :))))))))))

21 Oct, 2011


Your garden still looking good i to can smell them cakes and bread from here, hope you have a nice birthday.

21 Oct, 2011


It's nice to see late flowers. It brightens up the short dsays.

21 Oct, 2011


Thanks Dd, only a bit of lemon cake left. My son and his family called last night and friends called today so nearly all gone. I would hate it if no one wanted it
Thanks Clarice, just a couple of slices of lemon cake left. The frost we had Wednesday night doesn't seem to have done any damage as yet to the flowers..
The lateness of flowering has been a bonus for us all this year Hywel and at least it's been mostly dry lately..

21 Oct, 2011


very colourful... 5/5....

25 Oct, 2011


Thankyou very much Sfmr. I don't want it to be winter yet....not for a long time....:o)

26 Oct, 2011


It's amazing you have so many flowers still blooming in late November in your part of the world. It must be delightful, as it means winter is slow to arrive. I think the seasons are changing around the word. They are starting later and later each year. At least that's what I've noticed anyway. Some of our annuals here in LA become biennials so you might try being kind to them cut off and dead parts and mulch around the ends to see how long they might last. Or just cut back as it it is fading but leave the roots with an few inches of stem. Like you would with cabbage. Maybe even put a cover over one or two you like. If small enough you could use a plastic tub or some recycle thing. Here we can use gallon milk cartons they are milky plastic. Or an empty salad carton. They are clear plastic here but not sure if you get them there. Or one could be strewn together with a few wooden dowels or stick and a plastic bag put over like a mini greenhouse. I couldn't pull up a plant if it was still giving life. I'd feel too guilty. Silly me.

As for your baking u could open a bakery with all those lovely treats. They look so delicious! It reminds me of home long ago when my mother would bake. She was a dab hand at baking, we were very spoiled in that way. Later in life she baked for local shops and for a coffee shop/restaurant her friend owned. She even got write ups in the English papers for her baking. All the locals knew my mother's baking. When she'd bake for the local school fundraisers the cakes would be gone before even out of the car, they'd wait around for her to arrive.

A funny story, one time my mother baked a special cake for a raffle, my sister in-law wanted to win it badly, she bought tickets, my brother Shane who my physically handicapped but very lucky, he couldn't talk, bought tickets too. My sis-in-law asked him to swap tickets with her because he was so lucky. Well, guess who won the cake? Shane much to the laughter of all of us, but there was no way he could take it home so it had to be rarefied. There's luck for you. Sadly Shane is no longer with us. Not so lucky in that way :-( Oh the memories the pictures of your baking has brought to mind Thank you.

23 Nov, 2011


Thankyou Angie for your lovely comment, very happy memories. I have potted quite a few plants up to overwinter and will mulch around and over some of the others. To think that at this time last year we were under a blanket of snow. The longer that stays away the better.
I am sorry Shane is no longer with you but it's obvious he was really loved. The raffle ticket story really made me chuckle. Thanks again. :o)))

24 Nov, 2011


Yes Shane was loved and is still loved and missed so very much. So wish I could spend a day with him again, but I know his spirit is out there and he helps me when I'm in bad need.

I knew it would be a mild winter or slow in coming at least. I had been on the phone with family and friend in Ireland and they were dreading the thought of another snowy cold winter as it was said by the forecasters that winter would come early and be as bad as last year. I said no, they were wrong about the summer and that I think they are wrong about the winter. So far so good! Like I said seasons are changing.

24 Nov, 2011

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