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Cistus corbariensis 'Rencis'

Cistus Corbariensis
A hardy Cistus, it bears white flowers with yellow centres, borne from rosy pink buds in early summer (June time). Drought tolerant and good for awkward spots like a hot and sunny bank!

‘Rencis’ differs from its parent plant, Cistus × corbariensis, with its variegation, a more compact growing habit, and its production of fewer flowers. Rencis is characterised by its evergreen variegated leaves, with white margins, that can become tinted copper orange in autumn, and its attractive white flowers, with yellow stamens present May to June. Suitable for caostal planting!

This is in the front gravel. It might not survive the winter, so just haul it out if it dies. I hope it doesn't's a lovely plant. If it looks dead...give it until may to see if it recovers! and if not, pull it out.

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