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Keep Beechgrove Garden On Air | 38 Degrees

The BBC have really annoyed me this year. Firrst, they relocated Beechgrove to BBC Scotland channel, when it was available to everyone before on BBC2. Now, to top that off, they have cancelled it for 6 weeks over the summer because of sport. Please, if you like Beechgrove, can you sign the petition on 38 Degrees. It won’t change the decision I bet, but it will make them think twice about doing it again I hope!

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Hi Karen, even though I don't live in Scotland, I thought I would support you, tried to sign, and the next thing that popped up was a square with differing amounts of money in squares, asking which amount I would like to donate, with the options of paypal, or card, that's when I pulled out, so I don't know if my vote was accepted or not,I just got the impression that it was a scam to get my bank details, or my paypal account details, sorry, Derek.

8 Jun, 2019


That's just how 38 Degrees works Derek. Your signature will have been accepted & then they ask for a contribution to keep the campaign going but you don't have to give. It's a well-known, trustworthy site

8 Jun, 2019


I never even saw a donations option. So sorry about that. I Certainly didn’t give them any money! :) but if I’d known, I would have pointed it out. Apologies.

8 Jun, 2019


I will certainly sign, how annoying, blooming BBC......

8 Jun, 2019


I love a bit of Beechgrove and record it on Sunday mornings on BBC2. It 's recording as I write this but I just checked for next week and it's Sunday kitchen best bites. Am I missing something here or are there different times for you in Scotland Karen? I'm fed up too with gardening programmes being left off air for snooker/Wimbledon etc.
A complaint to the beeb maybe?

9 Jun, 2019


I just signed the petition on facebook with 38 degrees.

9 Jun, 2019


Hi Karen, I got an e-mail later thanking me for signing the petition, but then asking me to ''share'' and giving a link to somewhere, so my vote has been accepted, [didn't use the link btw], I'm very careful about sites that I'm not familiar with, and always look for scams, and don't give any info that isn't needed, so no problem, Derek.

9 Jun, 2019


Thorneyside, we have a new channel called BBC Scotland. Its absolute rubbish. The standard of presenters is dire and apart from the news all they show is reruns of scottish comedy. Its a complete waste of money in my opinion. But they have moved Beechgrove on to it in Scotland and cancelled it for the football world cup (ladies) for 6 weeks. Now I’m not an avid watcher of Beechgrove tbh, but when we are trying to get people healthy in body AND mind....idiotic scheduling.

9 Jun, 2019

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