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Trees in my garden - Just a list for my own reference.


In the garden when we came:

Four apples:
Bramley’s Seedling
Golden Delicious

Plum tree : Victoria

Acer palmatum atropurpureum

Planted by us:

8 Crab Apple Trees:
Evereste, John Downie, Indian Magic, Pink Glow, Conptesse de Paris (x2), Cheal’s Weeping and Red Sentinel

Two Dessert Apples:
Scotch Bridget and Katy

Three Pear Trees:
Conference, Doyenne Du Comice and Bonne Chretienne

Plum Trees:
Cambridge Gage

Silver Shadow (x3)
Swedish Birch (x2)
River Birch (betula nigra)
Betula pubescens

Prunus subhirtella autumnalis rosea
Prunus serrula ‘Royal Burgundy’ (Grafted)

Lilac: Madame Lemoine

Frigidus ‘Cornubia’

Sorbus cashmiriana
Sorbus ‘Chinese Lace’

There are also Conifers that may become trees in years to come, but are presently more like shrubs. And also Hollies and elders that may also become trees in time.

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that is a good list you have there Karen. You have made some beautiful choices and have some legacy trees from the previous owners.

29 May, 2019


All great trees......almost a forest lol !!

29 May, 2019


Almost enough fruit trees for an orchard Karen.

29 May, 2019


Strange you should label this as a reference list as I was thinking of doing the same with the plants in the garden. The alternative to leaving all the labels against the plants is to have a good memory. How does everyone else cope with this conundrum? Plaster the garden with labels or remember where and what everything is. I have a box full of labels, some plants obviously haven't made it through as checking them I no longer have the plant.
Trees are fantastic and you have a lovely assortment. All the recent panic about re-wilding and planting for nature has mostly always been done by gardeners, it's the others they need to convince!

30 May, 2019


I use the garden list facility on this site. great when I remember to 'add plants'. in that section you can put as much or as little info in as you want. I usually say where its planted so I can find it again.

30 May, 2019


What a wonderful choice of trees, Karen.
I am off to Cornwall on Tuesday with my sister and two cousins. We will visit a few gardens.

30 May, 2019


Thanks SBG, Angela and Dawn. Honeysuckle, I find that taking and logging lots of pics helps me remember where plants are. I do use labels because of my garden visitors. They really appreciate that. But I make nice labels rather than leave the white plastic nursery labels in the ground. It takes ages to do. This year I am using bamboo ones to start phasing out the black plastic. I also keep an up to date plant catalogue on here, and I have a printed copy in case the site ever disappears. Its not quite up to date, but it has most things on. Actually, I shall have to redo it as I’ve added a good few things this you do! ;) I decided to add this list as a blog as a tree reminder. I sometimes find myself counting trees and thought I’d save myself the bother. You’d be amazed what questions garden visitors ask! I like to have the answers to hand!

30 May, 2019


So, that’s 30 trees planted since we came six years ago. Will be lovely when they are grown up!

30 May, 2019


CK, how do you find your Golden Delicious? I ask because years ago I read that UK grown ones are a world of difference to imported French ones, climate they said

Not posted here yet but I bought a GD in Lidl on Tuesday so hoping to have a nice taste to look forward to in 2020

30 May, 2019


Honeysuckle: I have maps where my daylilies are. There are around 800 daylily seedlings and around 150 named plants, so I divided everything into smaller areas, made a map and gave them reference numbers. I needed a reference number for the registration process, anyway. I then have photos which start with the reference number on a computer pen. When I go out to pollenate in the morning, I have 2 books with print outs of maps and reference numbers with parentage. I can find any daylily I have and tell you if it has been moved and from where.

30 May, 2019


Karen, what are your bamboo labels like!

30 May, 2019


Hi Dawn...

31 May, 2019


Grandad...the Golden Delicious is terrible. It was extremely scabby when we arrived, producing a ton of blossom and not one single fruit. By July almost every leaf was off the tree. Since then we have pruned out over half the branches and sprayed it against fungus every year. It is getting a bit healthier, and last year it produced a handful of edible fruit..small, but almost scab free. They tasted lovely, So hopefully further improvements this year. )

31 May, 2019

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