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Mid-Winter Garden Highlights


Hello friends :) I made these pictures into a Collage, but I felt they were pretty enough to stand as a blog as well. I hope you like them.

At this time of year the change in the daylight is beginning to show, and even though we may still have weeks, even months of cold weather to come, we can begin to get outdoors into the garden during milder spells.

Today began in Angus with yet another covering of hard frost, but once the sun rose it gave off so much warmth that I was able to remove my coat on our Dog walk up to the top of the Quarry behind us.

When we arrived home, we enjoyed a cuppa in the Garden Pod…first for a long time….and then I grabbed my camera.

Sarcococca hookeriana var. ‘Digyna’ is my favourite Sarcococca. It has elegance that the others lack.

Snowdrops…..they are coming up a pace now.

Viburnum tinus isn’t very photogenic I find, but its one I couldn’t manage without in winter.

Arbutus unedo flowers and fruits all winter long

Helleborus niger (Double Form)

Rosa ‘Rambling Rosie’ has continued flowering until now. I think these will be the last though…until June. What a beautiful and tough little rose she is.

Helleborus ‘HGC Cinnamon Snow’ has a different character to H. niger. The leaves are leathery and the flowers tougher with a hint of pink.

Cyclamen coum adds a splash of bright colour to a winter pot.

The fruits of Malus ‘Red Sentinel’ are being taken, gradually, by the blackbirds. But this is the only Crab Apple in the garden that still has any of its fruit left.

Helleborus orientalis ‘Double Ellen Red’. Not many of the Orientalis hybrids are flowering yet. Most of them have fat buds about an inch above ground. A couple have flowered and gone over already. You never can tell what they will do!

Leucothoe ‘Twisting Red’. These small shrubs are worth their weight in winter.

Hamamelis ‘Jelena’

Rose Hips on a Patio Rose

Hamamelis ‘Arnold Promise’ is opening its first blooms just as Jelena comes to her best and begins to fade.

Prunus subhirtella autumnalis ‘Rosea’ is trying hard to flower, but the weather has been so cold. She will come though…in February most likely, or March.

Euphorbia martinii in a pot. I don’t keep them long as they get straggly, but I buy new ones most years.

Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’..another one that needs replacing often.

Skimmia confusa ‘Kew Green’ is an unusual and very lovely evergreen shrub.

Thanks for looking in…time to walk the Dogs again now!

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Wow Karen, you've certainly planned well for winter interest! Isn't that double white Hellebore beauty!
I love Rambling Rosie - would she be suitable for an arch? What's the season of flowering - has she been going non stop since June?

26 Jan, 2018


YES! She has Stera! I planted her last winter and I am absolutely thrilled to bits with her. Rosie doesn't grow as big as some of the traditional ramblers, and is a repeat flowering rose, so would probably be good on a large arch, and she is evergreen this winter, which is amazing because it really has been cold. But she has the shelter of the wall and is South Facing. But what a gorgeous plant! Grows to 15' and exceptionally disease resistant. What more could you ask!

26 Jan, 2018


Love the hellebores Karen especially the double Niger, and the Hammamellis....if only I had more room!

27 Jan, 2018


I'm a Cyclamen fan so the pot of Cyclamen coum is one of my favourites. The flower looks so dainty but read somewhere it's a tough little plant. Certainly colourful.

......and if you're walking the dogs again it sounds as if you have got over your fall. Excellent!

27 Jan, 2018


Thanks Janey and Eirlys. I am well on the road to fighting fit again thanks! :)

27 Jan, 2018


Pleased to hear your back to full health :)
How lovely your January plants are. My crab apples are long gone. Is Rosie a DA rose Karen?

27 Jan, 2018


No Dawn...but they may sell it. I can’t actually remember where I got it, but I buy most of mine from Style Roses of Spalding, so try there if DA don’t have it...or just google.

27 Jan, 2018


Your Leucothoe looks beautiful against the water in the pond and I love Hamamelis. You have so many lovely plants in flower at the moment.

27 Jan, 2018


Thanks Karen, sorry so many questions. .... What is your Rosie using for support? I guess I need to sort out where one would go first .... cart before the horse and all that :-).

28 Jan, 2018


Thank you Chris!

Dawn, its just a trellis on the wall..wooden one, painted by OH (x) and I put a metal semi circular support in at the bottom to keep it in place at the base.

28 Jan, 2018


Thanks Karen

28 Jan, 2018


You must have a very favoured spot,a whole lot of interest beautiful.

2 Feb, 2018


I don’t think so Brian, we are very exposed here. But I love my plants and in return they grow...just like yours. Thank you for your kindness. :)

2 Feb, 2018


We seem to be growing most of the same plants Karen, except for the crab apple, Arnold Promise and Rambling Rosie, Jelena is still not showing any sign of flowering, have been advised to cut her down in March and hope for the best...Viburnum Tinus had to go because of the beetle, so we are growing a different variety so far so good! we have a couple of Leucothoe, not the curly one which I think it most attractive......I do love the Skimmia, we actually do well with these, some can reach over 8ft here in the South! a very useful evergreen shrub, much underrated to my mind...and the Euphorbia are such great plants to dot around, I agree they do need replacing every so often!

5 Feb, 2018

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