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Parkinson's Law?


It’s a recognised fact that work will always increase proportionally to the time allotted to it. Consequently I’m now like a cow’s tail…all behind.
I got up this morning full of good intentions, with which, I’m told, the road to Hell is paved. Made a cup of coffee, and stepped outside to test the air. It was cold! But, at least it was dry, for the time being. At last I could get up onto the overgrown bank at the back of the shed.
Have you ever started something and then wished you hadn’t? Within 30 seconds my feet and the bottom of my jeans legs were soaked. We’ve had an awful lot of rain lately and no, I can’t abide wellies.
Still, I had company. If Cookie spends the night in, then she’ll be out in the garden with me the next day. She was into everything, pouncing on anything that moved, even my feet.
I stood and surveyed the task before me. Nothing difficult, I thought to myself. No brambles, and not many nettles. Oh! Complacency, hang thy blessed head!
Knotweed! Great stands of it. It was like a mini forest.
That’s what devoured the time. About half of it is still there, waiting for another day to batter me into submission.
However, there was one thing, apart from the thousands of calories I must have burned off, that made it all worth while. In amongst the headhigh foliage I found (well, no, ‘cos it wasn’t really lost) a forgotten compost bin. That tells you how long it is since I’ve been up there. Anyway, after a bit of a struggle, I got the lid off. Oh joy! It was about a quarter full of lovely dark brown, crumbly compost… and spaghetti. Well, that’s what it looked like.
Long white, light-starved shoots had grown up through the compost and then, being weak and spindly, had collapsed on themselves. I cleared those out, then feeling very pleased with myself, went in for lunch.
That was when it decided to rain…again. Just one heavy shower and that was it.
I returned to my labours. Of course, everything was now dripping wet, but at least the sun was making an effort…and I’d had a brainwave. Oh dear!
Now, anybody that knows me will tell you that I don’t exactly go off half cocked, but sometimes I don’t think things right through, with the inevitable consequences. Been there? Thought so.
In the shed was one of those big green plasticcy (is that a word?) canvas garden bags, you know the ones, like a huge carrier bag. I’d transfer all that lovely compost into that, and use it to top up the raised bed. Good thinking, yeah?
Cookie sat up on the shed roof in the sunshine, looking at me as though I was mad, while I filled the bag.
You’ve guessed it. When I’d finished I couldn’t lift the b…… thing, could I. To add insult to injury, a gust of wind had caught the empty compost bin and toppled it over. It now sat, upside down and at an angle, in the middle of the
steps. There wasn’t enough room to go round it, and I couldn’t climb over it. I had two choices; kick it down onto the path, or grab hold of it and drag it back up again. I chose the latter. Of course, the bin was wet, slippery and dirty. Use your imagination. I just luuurv gardening!
A cup of coffee and two rollups later, I decided to have a change of scene and put the last few plants in the east side border, but that blasted bag of compost was still bugging me. Eventually, I had to go back to it. I’m sure it sniggered as I arrived.
After a few moments thought involving planks, rollers and the like, I ended up grabbing hold of one end, dragging it along the top of the bank and bumping it very carefully down the steps. There are only four, and it worked quite well, and wonder of wonders, I didn’t spill any. Of course, sod’s law, the raised bed is at the opposite end of the garden, along a slight uphill gradient. When the border is in full bloom I’ll post a photo and you can see how far I had to drag this dear bag.
The raised bed now has a new layer of goodly compost, ready for the Dahlias and Argyranthemums, but I decided enough was enough. They could wait a bit longer. Cookie and I took a stroll round the garden.
Once again, most of the things I planned for today ended up in a cocked hat, but the sky is clear and the sun set in a broad flush of deep rosy pink and apricot, so all looks set fair for tomorrow. Unless, of course….

Fuchsia magellanica

I see no fish!

Go ‘way. I’m hunting.

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Ha HA,love to keep up with your blogs,you certainly have fun with your gardening and finding that compost was certainly a bonus,nice company you have there as well,....

10 Jun, 2009


Thanks, Lincslass. Glad you enjoyed it. Cookie's a gem.

10 Jun, 2009


Lovely blog! I empathise with your cocked hat approach to life - mine's just like that and my partner despairs of me and says he lives on a knife edge every day until I'm safely tucked up in bed! Fell down a bank and scratched my hand yesterday while digging up a shuttlecock fern to plant into a hollowed out lump of tree trunk - no pain, no gain! The fern is mine!

11 Jun, 2009


Thanks Nariz,
A shuttlecock fern is well worth the effort. You probably know how I love ferns. Great stuff!

11 Jun, 2009


Hehehe. Just love the way hardy fuchsias grow down there.

12 Jun, 2009


thoroughly enjoyed your day, so very funny and productive finding that wonderful compost. Isn't it strange how we can go ga ga over a pile of rotted vegetation? Sue

12 Jun, 2009


This made me smile, and "tomorrow is another day......."!

27 Jun, 2009


I love Fuchsia's we have just spent an arm and a leg on two wall sconce's and fuchsia and more fuchsia and even more fuchsia there are sooooo many lovely one's. I have a cocked hat too that is so full of good intentions it seems as though there will be no more room .... but .... there always is. :o))
It would have been just my luck if I had dragged your bag down your garden to have ripped the backside out of it and deposited the contents the full length of your path and steps!
I bet your now thinking 'blooming heck!' it's a good job Bobg did'nt help me drag that bag of compost down my garden, I would have had a right mess to clear up!!! (hehe)

29 Jun, 2009


Funny you should say that, Bob. I was rather worried about doing the same thing myself! There's enough selfseeded plants growing in the path already, without encouraging them with a goodly layer of fresh compost. Anyway, the bag held, and the path is shown in one of my recent photos.

30 Jun, 2009


Great comment on Parkinson's law! There are definitely times when it doesnt really apply though - here is a good article on why Parkinson's Law isnt always true:

31 Jul, 2009

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