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I am under attack!

Seriously, I sowed me some leeks on Feb 10th, and they’re thriving! I have about 100 seedlings now, each between 1 and 3 inches tall, and more and more keep appearing; I don’t know where they’re all coming from; I only sowed about 40 seeds! Seriously, you’ll think I’m lying, but I bought a pack of 100 seeds and used just under half. The other half are still sitting on my desk, right here in front of me now, as though doing so will prove me wrong :-/

Not that I’m complaining; I love leeks! It’s just that I may have to sacrifice something else in the garden to have room for them all. Ah well; a friend gave me some pepper seedlings (which are THRIVING) and some pepper seeds (which are not). Apparently the seedlings don’t need heat, they just need lots of water and light; they only need heat when they’re germinating and when they’re making their fruits. The second part isn’t much of a problem, but with the weather how it is at the moment? Ah well; I’m not worried. I only planted a few, so if these fail I’ll just try again in a little while.

I have a plan of the garden and how it’ll look, now. What’ll go where and how big the patches need to be and such. Once I have my scanner hooked up again I can show you. At the moment, the one I’m thinking about dropping is the little ‘pumpkin patch’ I have on one bed; I set aside enough room to grow three squash plants, and that’s it; nearly 10×3 foot have vanished in one spot; year-round potatoes don’t take up that much room! But then, apparently I have the kind of soil potatoes love, so I’ve been warned not to grow too many since I’ll likely have a really good yeild. Either way, I’ve sown a couple of (thousand of) squash and pumpkin seeds; if any geminate, I’ll grow them on, if not, I won’t, and I’ll use the designated spot for onions and leeks; basically, preparing for winter, heh!

Oh, and I got some pictures at last! Although the site doesn’t want me to upload them :-/ Oh well; face-bucket links work too!

This is the little patio bit between the shed and the house, over-looking the garden; it’s about 6×12 foot. At the moment it’s being used as a little spot to chit potatoes and put the stuff I’m using day to day.

And the big patio. Well, I say big; that’s only about 12 foot square, and currently being used to store the gravel we’re shifting.

Not the best picture, but there’s my shed. About the same size as the patio; big enough to do pretty much whatever I want with it; if only I knew what I wanted to do!

The lawn; or what used to be and will again be a lawn. As I said before, I think, the last folks here put down a turf mat which has depleted over the years and is now bare and horrible looking, so I’m in the process of pulling it all up. A few resilliant clumps of grass are sticking around, but I’m getting there, and of course I still have to dig up and rotate the whole damned garden anyways, once I’ve pulled up the grass and gravel. I was thinking about keeping either a rabbit hutch or a small chicken coop at the back against the fence…what do you think?

And, best for last, my pride and joy; or what will become it. My vegetable patch at the beginning. As you can see there’s still some work to be done on shifting the gravel, but I’m only one little 20 y/o full time mum working against the weather! I’ve managed to contract my mum and step-dad to babysit and help, so if we can get together on a good day, we should be able to get it all shifted. I’ve decided to use some of that gravel for my paths, which will take up about 70 foot of the garden in various little strips, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to use up a lot of it if I pile it pretty high, within a wooden fence of sorts, of course. The idiots here before us didn’t think to put mats everywhere, so we’re currently enjoying having to sift the gravel out of the earth. So much fun, I have to say. So I have no desire to repeat that by not being careful of the gravel paths! Anything left can go in some of the bigger pots (I’ll be having lots of pot-plants) and anything after that can go on the gravel patch out from.

Well, until next time!

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Wow Annie, you've got your work cut out for you there. Good luck with it all. I hope the weather holds for you so you can get at it.
100 Leeks are going to take up a lot of space. LOL. Maybe all your seeds were twins.
You know you can grow your squash up a trellis. You will just have to provide some support for the fruit. You can make little "slings" for them and hang the slings from the trellis too. I don't think it would work for pumpkins though.
Keep us posted on your progress. :o)

4 Mar, 2009


Oooh, I never thought of growing them on a Trellis! Thanks for the idea! And I know exactly where they can go, too; against the fence around the larger part of the patio! And the pumpkins can go in big big pots in that corner too!


Yay! Thank you!

4 Mar, 2009

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