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Autumn garden.


By anget


There’s a slight feeling of the garden fading now. I have been pleased with most of the new plants this year and have been frantically taking cuttings and slips. Over the weekend we have started to put bits away in the greenhouse to protect them from the coming colder temperatures.


The overstuffed greenhouse:

The teeny-tiny pond (which has had its fair share of frogs and froglets):

Autumn colours:

Aster ‘Oktoberlicht’. My current favourite aster.

Callicarpa. Boring for most of the year, but the berries just about make up for that.

Geranium ‘Dragonheart’.

Supermarket hydrangea, no name.

The gorgeous leaves of peony ‘Julia Rose’.

Thuggish geranium ‘Rozanne’ in a bid for world domination..

Hydrangea ‘Little Lime’: a favourite. The flowers fade from white to green to this reddish hue. And it doesn’t get too big.

Pyracantha ‘Red Column’. Sadly, not liked by the birds.

Winter is definitely on its way:

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Its still looking lovely but yes, I feel the same where as the colder days and perpetual rain has arrived, so planning already for next year.

13 Oct, 2020


yes the same in my garden too. Autumn definitely here now.

13 Oct, 2020


Our garden has exactly the same feel as yours, as the grassy areas become carpeted in leaves and everything is looking just a little bit tired now whilst still trying hard to please!

The Autumn colours in the trees around us seem very muted this year, perhaps to fit with the mood of everyone at the moment!

Our greenhouse is getting very full too so, seeing yours did made me smile!

13 Oct, 2020


Thanks, all, for your comments. Yes, it does feel as if winter is snapping at our heels. We have still more colour in the garden at the moment than I expected, though. Now the rush is on to take as many slips from the perennials as I wanted.

14 Oct, 2020


Plenty of colour in your garden still, I do like that Oktoberlict Aster and your pergolas look so sturdy without being intrusive. Your pond made me smile, I saw a tiny wee frog jumping around in my front garden this morning, well away from the ponds, which are in the back.

14 Oct, 2020


Siris, I've been trying to get the OH to agree to enlarge the teeny-tiny pond, but no success so far! I'm surprised by how much wildlife uses it. When I was in the greenhouse a few days ago I watched the sparrows-from-next-door taking it in turns to stand on the stick and drink. They knew I was watching a few feet away but were not bothered, carrying on regardless.

14 Oct, 2020


First time I have seen your garden, it’s a real garden, plenty of colour and interesting features, the carpet of rozzane round the birdbath is fantastic, is the large tree a weeping birch, well done it’s a lovely garden.

15 Oct, 2020


Your garden looks quite large but that means there's plenty of room to grow lots of interesting plants, and you have many.
I like to see a greenhouse packed with plants and cuttings, it's a sign of a keen gardener.
I saw a Callicarpa in a local supermarket this week for £10 and wish I'd bought it, I may go back lol

16 Oct, 2020


Julien, thank you for your kind comments. I try hard with the garden but always frustrated with the results! The birch has grown hugely since we arrived. It's had lots of TLC but may be outgrowing its space. People here get very twitcht about bigger trees. Yes, I think it is a form of weeping birch.

Hywel, Yes, the greenhouse is ridiculously overpacked. I keep adding to it. Don't know how I'll get in there to water!
My callicarpa was half price and is berrying very well now, 3 years on. Do go back....

16 Oct, 2020


I know what you mean about people being twitchy, I bet that looks a picture when the leaves turn butteryellow, did you know that the birch tree is known as the lady of the woods because of it’s graceful gentle habit.

16 Oct, 2020


Julien, that's an apt name. We also have a birch we got from a supermarket for £2 (!) and it's a picture. It's been in 3 years and is a fine shape, 10ft tall but I've no idea what sort it is. Both have the gorgeous yellow leaves.

16 Oct, 2020


Still plenty of interest in your garden....looking beautifully autumnal.......that’s what greenhouses are for.....especially this time of the year😀

10 Nov, 2020

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