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By anget


I’ve been busy this week. We decided to tackle some of the outstanding outside jobs that keep being overlooked/ignored.
OH has laid an area of chippings and edging beneath the washing line, a job which has been outstanding for some months. It looks so tidy I can’t believe it . All the weeds kept seeding into this small patch. We cleared out Verbena bonariensis, Jacob’s Ladder, Potentilla and all sorts of annoying green stuff!
I have been painting the fencing in the front garden, a deadly boring job that has stretched over 4 days. But it does look much better now and the bed can be mulched with woodchip to tidy up the new planting out there. The annoying thing is I know I shall have to do it again in 18 months’ time because it faces south and gets bleached: a job a little like the Forth Bridge… Better exercise than the gym.
The greenhouse has been washed and the plants inside all tidied up and weeded. The dead and dying have been
removed. But it’s made me realise how much work we make ourselves with taking cuttings, sowing seeds and splitting plants. I have started to split plants this Autumn because I have a relative that has a new garden to fill, and I want to bulk up much of what I have anyway.
I look longingly towards downsizing!!

Just noticed the dandelion!

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I have to never done! You’ve been extremely busy, Ange. All the ‘little’ jobs definitely add up, but can really enhance certain areas can’t they! Your relative will be over the moon with all the plants you’ve been dividing up and putting to one side for them! Fence painting, it can be good exercise and therapeutic. I’m planning to refresh my log shed/little potting shed..soon!

10 Sep, 2020


Well done Ange - what a lot you’ve accomplished! I hope you’re not aching too much . . .

10 Sep, 2020


You deserve a rest now,Ang..Well's a great feeling when you achieve all that you set out to do.

10 Sep, 2020


The trouble is, girls, that while you're doing all the outside "extras", the inside "necessities" continue to pile up! I have been averting my gaze from the inside of our home for the last few days...

10 Sep, 2020


My philosophy exactly Ange ... my greenhouse gets more attention than our house! But I can’t ignore the ironing any longer: it will be tackled (swiftly) in the morning 😟.

10 Sep, 2020


Downsize? Looking at your pictures I do not think it will happen anytime soon, Anget. :-)
You are one productive girl.

11 Sep, 2020


Gardening is a full time job, and I agree we make it 'worse' by sowing too may seeds and taking too many cuttings. We will never change though because we'd probably be bored if we didn't have gardens.

13 Sep, 2020


You're all right! Gardening in its various forms is addictive., whereas housework definitely isn't...

14 Sep, 2020


Made me smile Anget, I'm afraid the outside comes first this time of the year, I polish the furniture when its raining otherwise I openly admit I have a very quick flick around with my trusty feather duster, I tell my husband and daughter they know where everything is kept if they want to do it for me, won't even mention ironing, lol, admittedly we do have to hoover daily, the joys of living with pets who moult...I love gardening but hate fence and shed staining jobs, don't envy you that task, mine are allowed to weather naturally. I still have tomato's and cucumbers so my g'house has yet to be cleaned, must get it done soon though, its all good fun, at least now I haven't got two to do this year...

14 Sep, 2020

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