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Creating space in the borders.


By anget


Some of you will know that I am guilty of overplanting (and then some!), so I thought I would show the results of our efforts over the last 3 days.
We both decided that although the inherited white buddleia was a magnet for the butterflies, it was far too large (10ft. × 8ft) for the available space. So OH wrestled it into submission and cut it down. Then we cleared the teeny-tiny pond of its far-too-large rush and upset 3 frogs in the process. This pond and the plants surrounding it had completely disappeared, so we are left with rather a desolate mess, particularly the spirea which is flopped all in one direction but I am sure it will all grow back and more upright when not fighting for light.

We have also been removing plants from some of the borders surrounding the lawn. 3 roses, and 2 wallflowers, plus other bits and pieces and we can actually see some soil. Other plants have been moved, but there is a lot more of them that need shifting so I am glad to have made a start.
Here be spaces:

I’ve also been tackling the front garden. I had already dug out the overgrown lavender so I have been replanting with a lot fewer plants and this is the result. It’s impossible to get a photo of all the space in one go.

Rose ‘Tottering by Gently’, Salvia ‘Lemon Light’ (newly added), Caryopteris ‘Worcester Gold’

Potentilla ‘Elizabeth’ (new and tiny) and geranium ‘Salome’

Chaenomeles ‘Crimson & Gold’, planted 3 years ago and now getting light and air!

Tidied up drive end: newly added rudbeckia, with geranium ‘Patricia’, sedum telephium and lilac ‘Josee’.

Cleared and replanted narrow front border. Now just awaiting its mulch.

It can’t all be ripping out. Nice things in the garden this afternoon:

Thanks for reading this far. We did buy some nice, new plants earlier in the week:

Penstemon ‘Apple Blossom’, that I’ve wanted for a while, and Schizachyrium scoparium ’Blue Heaven. It looked a pretty, smallish (3ft) grass. Has anyone here grown it? I just liked its colour!

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Wow Ange - such energy! You have achieved such a lot ... hope you’re now sitting down with a restorative glass of something 🙂.

30 Aug, 2020


yes me too guilty of over planting , also removed a lot in mine too, it is coming along for you and you will like the look when it is cleaned and afresh , lovely new plants also . look forward to end results

30 Aug, 2020


Retyping my message Ange as it disappeared!
You’ve definitely been very busy! Sometimes an overhaul lends clarity as some plants can overshadow others. We need to let some shine at times. Your new purchases look very nice. I hope they settle in well for you.

30 Aug, 2020


What a busy bee you've been, and made great headway!
I bet you'll be thrilled with your new additions Ange, the grass looks beauty!

30 Aug, 2020


You were determined to make major changes and my word you have been so busy!!

Do you feel happier now that you have made such a strong start and can you begin to see in your mind what you want to achieve?

Our garden is well established and the main problem occurs when plants outgrow their spaces and you suddenly realise that they are much too big and have taken over!!!

30 Aug, 2020


You and me both, overfilling the garden. Haven't plants grown this year!! I too have been chopping back and removing stuff recently, so much so, hardly any time left for Gou.

31 Aug, 2020


Looking great, I want to extend my borders soon so slightly opposite to you, but my north facing corners need a overhaul. I have got a couple of miscanthus grasses that do really well, haven't heard of the one you have but grasses seem to like full sun and good drainage :-)

31 Aug, 2020


Sheila: yes, a glass of white was in order!

Paul: still going this morning, Clearing another border. I keep looking at it and don't really know where to start...

Kate: Glad you like the newbies. Typical of me that I clear a load out and then buy some more!!

Janey & W'rose: Beats a workout in the gym, any day.

Siris: Yes, they have grown - I am guilty of not taking enough notice of how big plants can get! I am trying to clear spaces so that I can hoe around rather than bending and kneeling to keep borders clear of weeds.

31 Aug, 2020


That is looking wonderful Ange. I must thin out my borders too.

31 Aug, 2020


D'lily: I have a miscanthus which has seeded gently so I have a few in the borders now. It's a new favourite. I'm aiming for more green and fewer flowers so it's interesting to try some more grasses.

SBG: Thank you. The border we started sorting today is looking a bit tidier but still plenty to do!

31 Aug, 2020


You've been doing a lot of work, it's nice to know you have someone helping you.
I like your pond, I think it's big enough :) and you have some lovely plants in your garden too.

1 Sep, 2020


Thank you, Hywel.

1 Sep, 2020


You have worked hard in creating bare spaces but I have had a gentle chuckle for if your anything like me those bare spaces will soon be filled again.

4 Sep, 2020


You're probably right, Stroller. The idea is to move plants around in the borders so they have more space to grow. I've already bought 2 new plants in the last week...

4 Sep, 2020


I'm sure you have a sense of Achievement,when you stand back to see how good it looks,even if it looked good before you started :o) I've also just got rid of a very old Lavender too,but it felt sad to be digging it daft is that ?

.I'm sure you will fill it up again in no time,with new and interesting plants,which it seems ,you have made a start on already ! go for it Ange,it's the only way :o)

5 Sep, 2020


Thanks for the encouragement, Bloomer. There's a long way to go, so we shall carry on over the next few weeks.
I was quite sad about our lavender too, funnily enough. The scent was fantastic and the number of bees was astonishing.

5 Sep, 2020


I guess we do get attached to favourite plants,Ange,and I shall buy another one,I think it was 'Hidcote' but not certain,as I had it for 18 years.It was one of the first plants I bought when we moved here,so it served me well.:o) Why I didn't think to take cuttings ,I don't know ! :o(

5 Sep, 2020


Some times plants just don't cut the mustard and they have to go - to the compost heap. I like that little area you created with rudbeckia & sedum- simple plants yet they compliment each other so well.

6 Sep, 2020

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