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A question of roses.


By anget


It’s been an interesting summer weather-wise (again) for the plants in the garden. I have been looking out at my little plot through the kitchen doors while it pours with rain outside and considering which of the roses have performed well.
As I’m in the position of turfing out plants that don’t appeal in order to create more space in the borders, some will end in the bin. How have your roses behaved for you? Are you thrilled with some or underwhelmed with others?
My losers are:
Red Letter Day: a gorgeous red but one of the two is really spindly and hasn’t improved this year. And it has no scent.

The second is on reprieve as it hasn’t stopped flowering all year, but is defoliated already. I shall move it and hope for the best.
These two are also for the chop:


Rhapsody in Blue

Both have lost lots of leaves to blackspot. I love the scent of the yellow one but I can’t put up with its bare legs! And the purple is just muddy!

My top performers are:
Lark Ascending

Scarborough Fair

And Windrush

Surprising, (to me at least), is that they are all David Austin roses.
Another one of my best performers is a ground cover rose that came from a supermarket, with no name, called ‘pink’, turned out ‘cherry’ and has flowered all summer long.

I haven’t had some long enough to form an opinion on them yet. One ‘Lady of Shalott’ I can’t bring myself to love but she is performing well in a difficult, hot border.
‘Bonica’ is outstanding in performance but she is little loved by me because of her ghastly Barbara Cartland pink. She’s still with me, though!
And ‘Tottering by Gently’ is gorgeous but is new and has been reluctant to flower this year.




You can just about see the supermarket ‘best-buy’ in the bottom left!
There are more roses in my garden but it would be boring to list them all. How have you found your roses this year and which would you never want to lose or quite happily ditch?
And are you like me, wondering if you’re not falling out of love completely because of their fussiness and faddiness? Should we just embrace the plants that don’t need constant spraying and feeding to keep them looking good?
And don’t keep increasing relentlessly in price!

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I think I'm making more and more work for myself. So,I do agree with you Ang about only keeping the ones which are disease resistant and require very little attention.
I think I will be sorting them out come Autumn as much as I absolutely love all Roses.

You have a large collection there,some very beautiful ones.

27 Aug, 2020


You’ve a beautiful collection of roses, Ange. I’ve only one rose in the back garden, it’s the one that clambers all over. If I had more room I’d invest in another couple I think. I’d have to sacrifice one of my current shrubs to plant one. Saying that, I could look at a climbing one for one of the fences to mingle with the ivy? I’m quite attracted to your warm orange coloured roses. I seem to be drawn to this colour this year. I can appreciate your ‘chop plan’, generally speaking, some can really evolve into straggly poor performers. ( not meaning yours!)

27 Aug, 2020


lovely roses Anget ! I am a failure with roses , the Aurthur bell of ours is best , supermarkets seem a lot better than garden centres these days , all roses are lovely I do love the first red one especially

27 Aug, 2020


I have a few but they are all doing quite well. The best is a rose bred by Kordes [Germany] but for sale in the USA. its name is EngelGesicht and is a peachy apricot floribunda. it is very good and disease resistant. There are a few in the UK.

27 Aug, 2020


SBG: 'Angelface!' P'raps I should get this as my namesake??

Paulrija: Yes, I'm hoping the remaining 'Red Letter Day' will perk up next year as it's been threatened and will be moved later in the Autumn.

Kate: the number of oranges weren't intentional originally, but I am liking many of the pinks less and less and I find myself drawn to the warmer shades, especially in the grey light of the moment..

Thanks, M'land. Enforced time to "stand and stare" is no bad thing. It's helped me to sort out in my mind what I can live with out there!

27 Aug, 2020


Your roses are very pretty, and I do like Rhapsody in Blue although you want to get rid of it.
Lady of Shallot and Tottering by Gently are also lovely, and I think I actually prefer the single flowers.

I bought some new ones this year but they have been hopeless, maybe because they need time to settle in, and better weather. The best one is Iceberg, which I planted in a pot and has produced lots of flowers.

Likes in my garden = Rose Gaujard, Picadilly, Ballerina, Francine Austin and Gentle Hermione ...

I have American Pillar which I'm fed up with because it grows too big, and too fast, and although I like the flowers I think I'm going to get rid of it because I can't keep up with it's rate of growth. .... It also has lethal thorns which rip my fingers to bits every year.

Two others I'm fed up with because they make a mess with falling petals are Zephrine Drouhin and New Dawn, so they will have to go, I'm fed up with the mess :(
I must be getting fussy in my old age !

27 Aug, 2020


I agree, Hywel. I think single flowers are the way to go. I'm less impressed with the overblown, multi-petalled 'cut-cabbage' types that seem to be all the rage at the moment. They do nothing for wildlife and half the time you can't see them properly because thay are too heavy for their branches.
I have also given up with climbers on walls and fences. They are easier to look after on my arches. New Dawn was a nightmare because of thorns, and the gorgeous Ena Harkness got impossibly tall with too sparse flowering. I am trying to find a space for another Summer Wine. She's too gorgeous not to have one somewhere.
I know Rose Gaujard of old. She is a cracker. And I am growing Ballerina for the first time this year. Such a pretty one!

28 Aug, 2020


I have lots and love them all Anget, Blue Moon which is a complete failure, never yet flowered, even though its been in a few years now, still has its place in the hopes that it will eventually do something( I hate giving up) I bought it so its up to me to care for it, I don't fall out of love with them and certainly don't get bored and want to get rid..
.I'm having a really good year with my roses despite what they have had to put up with, I gave them all a garlic douche in the spring time which they liked, I deadhead regularly, whilst I keep doing that they will continue to reward me...

28 Aug, 2020


You and I are at opposite ends of the scale, Lincs. but I do take your point about if we buy them it's up to us to look after them properly. But I'm just not sure the reward is always worth the effort! When they're covered in blackspot ( and most of them do get it however hard we try), I don't feel very rewarded!! Perhaps I am too impatient a gardener... And I admit I DO fall out of love with some plants and get bored with others.

28 Aug, 2020


Anget it wouldn't do for us all to think the same way, you imagine if everybody had the same way of gardening, where would we get new ideas, knowledge and different plants/shrubs and trees to admire and try out in our own patch, absolutely nothing wrong with either of our way of gardening..I obviously do change things, I've made mistakes and planted in the wrong place lots of times, even have ones that I dislike, I also get bored at times with the look of certain areas, if I was younger I would no doubt revamp some areas just because I could, lol, in fact I did have big plans for down near my bottom pond this year, Covid put that on hold as we couldn't get rid of the rubbish this year.. Truth is I'm a big softie and get very attached to what I've nurtured over the years...Have you tried garlic wash on your shrubs, especially roses, its very good, also a lot cheaper than other treatments, since I've been using it mine are a lot better, I rarely get naked stems from blackspot since I've been doing that..

29 Aug, 2020


I'll have to try the garlic next year, Lincs. Thanks for the suggestion. I was cleaning borders today and gave a couple a reprieve - probably your influence!!

29 Aug, 2020


Bless your heart , that made me chuckle Anget...

31 Aug, 2020

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