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Summertime gets us out of bed early as it’s best to work in the garden in the morning when still cool. Not that we’re having a hot summer, far from it, but midday and early afternoon it does get too hot to work outside.
Today hubby put the trailer behind the car to get a load of topsoil for the garden.
Meanwhile I walked our dog for about 45mins on the golf. She can run around freely there whilst I walk under the shady trees.
When hubby came back he parked the car in the front of the house. He didn’t get topsoil as the guy at the soil center told him this contains mushroom compost, which can burn the native shrubs. So instead he bought landscaping soil. It looked great, think a mixture of sand and other organic matter. Nice and smooth, no stones and only a few small mashed up twigs amongst it.
We had some coffee first. Hubby makes the best ice coffee in the world, exactly how I like it.
Then we got to work. He pumped up the tyres of the wheelbarrow and armed with a big squarish shovel he loaded up the wheelbarrow. I told him where to dump the stuff.
It had to all go just over the edge of the lawn, behind the wooden beams. Here the slopey banks needed soil badly. We grow quite a few native shrubs like Callistemon veminalis, Grevillea Robyn Gordon, other bottle brushes, the Duranta repens, a yellow Hibiscus, my Cana lilies, the Mandaville, some self sewn violets and of course our Mango tree. Some shrubs were in such a poor condition, the roots were showing on the surface.
So the heaps of soil were spread out by me, using spade and garden gloves. A lovely job. The soil had gotten quite warm underneath the tarpaulin so it felt lovely and warm.
As there was still quite a bit left in the trailer I decided to use it on the front lawn. I’d been wanting to fill in the holes for some time and this was a super opportunity. The lawn is finally doing well in the front after I planted Sir Walter grass, which has now taken over the weaker soft grass. So hopefully all the bold patches will be overgrown soon.
Then I watered in the soil and wetted the banks.
One huge Callistemon which has little lilac fluffy balls in December, had fallen over in a storm and it was a wonder the roots were still deeply embedded in the banks. It had stretched itself over the gravel track in the side garden, so we had to give it the chainsaw treatment on all the branches that were poking out. Such a shame to see most of that healthy bush disappear to the tip. But it will revive, as I’ve seen it happen to other trees, from the side new shoots will come up and reach for the sky, where the light is.
Just before that happened daughter gave me her treefern, which we planted in the shade of this Callistemon. Now it has more sun… can’t win. But other shrubs are around it and I am sure it will not die. Another month and the weather will cool down a bit and certainly the nights.
For the moment everything on the bank looks refreshed and happy.

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Oh Boy you had a busy time of it but well worth it by the sounds of things, you made me feel quite envious talking of working whilst its cooler, we are having a really weird winter again, its been wet and mild mostly but in the last week has gone to what we refer to as a proper winter, bitterly cold and some places have snow, luckily ours has only been little snow showers but we're experiencing very hard frost where I am, its a shock to ones system when it does that Marguerite, think I feel it more now, lol, saying that the spring flowers are beginning to show so not all bad, soon be time for me to spend time outside, at the moment its a few minutes in the greenhouses keeping an eagle eye on things.. Keep up the good work Marguerite...

9 Feb, 2018


Thanks for your comment Linclass. I heard about your sudden cold spell and I am not envious, lol. Hope things thaw out soon and you will get some sunshine before long.

10 Feb, 2018


A nice read by a very happy lady (and husband).
Where in Western Australia ?

10 Feb, 2018


You have been working hard! We could do with some of your temperatures here. Our magnolia is showing masses of buds and colder weather is forecast. We could lose the lot.
The bottle brush is outside the front door in some protection so shouldd be fine. We only have the one but it's always eye-catching.

10 Feb, 2018


oh your blog makes me long for summer. as Lincs said it has gone bitterly cold again. ice on the pond and all the birds are looking fluffy and are waiting for me to brave the elements and go out and feed them.

glad your lawn is looking better. ours looks good but it has lots of moss in it. OH needs to get the scarifyer out and working.

12 Feb, 2018


Sounds blissfully warm Marguerite. Its freezing here and I have cabin fever!

12 Feb, 2018

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