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A year or so ago this mother roo regularly jumped our fences. She had plenty of grass to eat. She wasn’t interested in anything else, nor in destroying the flowerbeds.
One morning I noticed a joey in the garden and it was frantically jumping up and down the fence, trying to find a way to get out. Her mother was on the other side just looking.
The joey was too small to jump over. It must have come inside the pouch and gotten out and mum had jumped back.
Not very smart….Hubby then tried to corner it and when it was sort of sandwiched between the shrub and the fence he grabbed it. I saw it kicking it’s 4 legs, but the back ones are very strong and hubby got a belting. But not for long as he had put it over the fence. Mother was happy and joey jumped into the pouch as quick as he could.
The hadn’t come back for a while, not in our garden that is.
But in spring, round November when the grass dried out, she found our nice juicy green lawn again. She didn’t even go away when we approached, not even when the dog came over up to some distance.
One day it was raining and they were sheltering all day in our garden underneath overhanging bushes. But when they stay so long they also have to go to the toilet.
And this was the limit…
It started to stink, the sticky black round poos were a huge attraction to our dog, who munched away on these “truffles”.
I didn’t like it and when the next day it was dry and she came back again I guided her out of the garden. In a few hops she was on the other side, back in nature, joey hopping behind her. This time he was big enough to make the leap.
The attraction was not only the green lawn but my Mulberry tree. Boy, did they love those! They just stood there underneath the overhanging branches and in between helping themselves to the berries.
Mmm, that was too much competition, so again I guided them out.
I picked at least 20 kgs mulberries this spring ( ripening from October till early December ) and also made sauce from them to pour over icecream, really yummy.
I gave loads away to our neighbours, as they in return give us vegetables and grapefruits. So we have a nice little exchange trade going here.
When the berries were finished the roos must have found other resources as I only see them traversing our neighbour’s property, which is all natural bush and not fenced.
They are at the golf at night as the tee-offs are all kept green. In the day they travel back over the hill into the forest.
But each morning when walking the dog we see at least 10 or 20, big boomers and small joeys and anything in between on their way back to the bush, where they laze around.

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Do you get any Silkworms on the Mulberries Marguerite .
Four hundred years ago one our Kings (I forget which one) persuaded English people to grow Mulberry Trees to create
an industry in this country. Unfortunately the Mulberry Trees that were brought from China were Black Mulberry,
when they should have been White Mulberry.
So there were Mulberry Trees growing in every English town, and no Silk Worms.
Who said the Chinese knew how to protect their industry ?

31 Jan, 2018


I enjoyed reading this Marguerite..very interesting about the Roos...and the Mulberries.I've only ever tasted one from a tree in a small park we were told about in Torquay ,where we were on took ages to get the stains off my fingers !but it was very nice...:o)

31 Jan, 2018


Fascinating story Marguerite!

31 Jan, 2018


Poor hubby, I would imagine those big legs and feet would give a mighty thump if connecting with a person, from your description I don't think I'd want them using my space as a toilet either let alone eat one's shrubs and plants en route, something's we do not want to share....Enjoyed reading Marguerite...

1 Feb, 2018


Oh thank you all for your wonderful comments. Dianebully mine are the black variety and they are nice and sweet. Indeed they stain your clothes and vingers, so I wear old gear and wash my hands. Also the soles of my thongs as the fallen ones are flattened and stick to the bottom of your footwear. It comes of fairly easy from your hands. But they are delicious, even my dog likes them. I hold the stem and she pulls off the fruit, lol. In town here I always pass a white variety and I tasted one, didn't like it at all. So we leave those for the silkworms. Don't think there are any around here. Yes Dianebulley the Chinese knew how to protect their industry. Lincslass hubby only held him for a few seconds when he lifted him over the fence, it wasn't too bad.

1 Feb, 2018


Bloomer I've been in Torquay once in 1963 and found it a lovely place, sub tropical almost. Noticed palms growing there too.

1 Feb, 2018


It's one of our favourite places to go on holiday,Marguerite..we have been six times ,and always stay somewhere different..and now I know where that Mulberry tree is,I shall try some fruit again,only this time ,take some disposable gloves ! I remember it was in July... it was one of the other guests in the hotel that showed us where it was... and you are correct,it is well known for its palm trees..I think that's why it's known as the Cornish Riviera...:o)

1 Feb, 2018


The Mulberry Trees were carted 3,000 miles on mules along the Silk Road to England, one planted in every town.
They must have been very angry when they found out they had been cheated. I did make enquiries from the Council Tree Office. The reply was that the present Mulberry Tree in the Council Gardens is 200 years old, so its not one of the original ones, but may have been a replacement. I used to see a lady go over there every Sunday evening when it was quiet, picking the Mulberries.
She told me they make beautiful jam.

2 Feb, 2018


Oh yes Bloomer, the Cornish Riviera. Happy memories to the coast there. Salcombe another great place we visited, lovely sleepy fishing and boating village. Prob all big towns now.
Very interesting about the Silk Route and how the mulberries found their way from China. Perhaps tea came that way too?
Well that lady made beautiful jam. Well I made beautiful sauce, so without setting agent, it was just thick, sweet and delicious. It went over icecream, yum. Just cooked without adding anything, it's own juice came out and then put it through the moulin legumes, but you can put it in a blender I guess. It will get thick when cooled down.

2 Feb, 2018

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