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Well, I’m back again after more than a year. Last year has been an eventful year for us. But with all the ups and downs and trying times we’ve managed to keep gardening.
I thought I would never do the heavy work again due to my neck and back, but after a good break I just had to start again. Hubby had a knee replacement and was out of action for weeks.
Well, I must say, I really got stuck into it and enjoyed every minute of it, even though I sometimes had to pay with aches and pains.
Gardening is one of the most satisfying things to do. It will stay nice for several days before grass grows again or a storm throws more leaves and branches around for us to pick up.

We had a dead Eucalyptus marginata in the garden for a couple of years, it died gradually of dieback ( rootfungus ) and lost so many branches of all sizes, it became too dangerous.
One day two guys with chainsaws came and the tree was gone in no time. They were efficient and fast and even tidied up after. There were big chunks they cut into sizes one could handle and piled up all the smaller stuff.
Our neigbour’s dad came with his trailer and took all the logs for his woodfire. The next day we loaded the trailer and took the rest to the tip. I then raked all the sawdust and that was it. A bit bare, but plenty trees left.
It’s amazing how quick you get used to an empty spot.

Not much later our daughter decided to give her Treefern to us, as it wasn’t doing to well in her garden. Too much harsh sun and strong coastal winds.
They came one afternoon and her hubby dug a hole. That was not hard, the banks of the garden are sandy. So they planted their fern, took off most fronds and left it. I watered a lot, but the left over fronds were all shrivelling up and I thought we had lost it. But we kept watering, it came automatic with the sprinklers as well. Then one day I noticed some new growth from within the trunk and yes, it was alive and doing well soon after. We won.

All our shrubs have grown so much and from the road you can’t see us on the veranda anymore. Total privacy, which is lovely.
We’ve had flowering native shrubs and loads of honey eaters visiting our garden. A real joy to see and hear.

We do have a lot of work and hubby is joining in again. The shire ordered everyone to rake the leaves and keep their yard tidy of sticks and branches due to fire risk. We now have a huge pile of garden refuse, including our summer prunings in the front of the property ready to be lit once autumn rains have fallen.

Great to be back here again and post things happening in the garden(s).

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Well hello Marguerite and welcome back, its good to hear from you again and I'm so pleased you are both able to enjoy your gardening again, these ailments do cause us bother at times don't they, don't know how they dare really, lol.
Its seems you have been working hard, must be a nice feeling to be outside and not be overlooked, we all need our own privacy, shame about the Eucalyptus but best gone once it became dangerous, you'd never have forgiven yourselves if any had fallen and damaged something/someone, well done with persevering with your daughters fern, it will reward you in the future now its in a happier place.
Lovely photographs Margurite, I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing all about your garden again and once again Welcome Back.........

30 Jan, 2018



It's so nice to see you're posting photos again! I've always enjoyed all your photos over the last 10 years on GoY. Yes, can you believe it's been 10 years since I found GoY?

Your garden looks absolutely fabulous, as always! :>))

31 Jan, 2018


Lincslass and Delonix thank you for your nice comments. I couldn't believe it when you said 10 years, and yes, I checked. We were still living in Cairns then. Boy, doesn't time fly???
Delonix have you been under the smoke in those latest bushfires? I read they were "near" San Diego.

31 Jan, 2018


Welcome back, glad to see you decided to start posting again..I always said Goy was an addiction ! haha..
Well,that Treefern wanted to stay in the family,didn't it? well done with your have certainly worked hard on your lovely garden....:o)

31 Jan, 2018



Yes, it's been ten years since I joined GoY. Yes, time does fly!

The fires were in northern San Diego County. They were really horrible! The Santa Ana Winds were roaring and the temps were around 100ºF (38ºC) and extremely dry (yes it's winter here). Unfortunately, we've been getting a lot of red flag fire warnings because the continued extremely dry and hot conditions in Southern California.

January was officially the hottest recorded for many cities in San Diego County. It was the second hottest on record for the city of San Diego (2003 was the hottest). Winter 2002/2003 was the year we only received 3.5 inches (88 mm) of rain for the whole season. The extreme drought is back! :>((

1 Feb, 2018


Thanks for the update Delonix. Guess you are all hanging out for some good rains now. Yes, it is the wind that makes for the worst outcome. We have the same conditions here too. The dept does a lot of autumn and spring controlled burning to keep the risks to a minimum. But it still happens, even a few days ago, hunderds of ha bush and farmland burnt, only 200 kms South of us.
We can check on internet where fires are and if they come close ( if one doesn't smell it ) the phone will go and everyone gets a warning. Either out or defend. But long before that we watch and prepare.
Our last fire was two years ago when we had to evacuate. Lol I was not going to defend my house and property with a garden hose and low water pressure.
We have steel gutter guards here so no leaves can get into the gutters. We live in the bush, so it is always risky in summer.

1 Feb, 2018


lovely to have you back. I too am pleased that you are back in the garden and both you and your oh are enjoying better health.
Keep posting photos too please.

1 Feb, 2018


Thanks for your kind words Seaburngirl. I will do my best, bedtime now, lol.

2 Feb, 2018



It does sound like we have such similar conditions. I guess when you live in a place which doesn't get much rain most of the year the fire danger is very high.

That's horrible you had to evacuate! Fire is such a help-less situation. Unfortunately, you're at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Here in Southern California (San Diego in particular) we have a 365 day fire season. The extremely dry, hot Santa Ana Winds overlap winter here. Santa Ana Wind season is from: September through early May.

5 Feb, 2018


Yes, sounds awful. At least we do have wet winters in this region, anything between 30 and 50 inches a year. Most of that falls from April - October with July and August the most. But it is cold then, like 15 - 18 C in the day and 10 - 15 at night. We always escape for 2 months up North where it is warm and sunny, lol.

6 Feb, 2018

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