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I hope you all enjoy this collection of narrow boats and the canal and some wild life of where I live with in 2 minutes bottom of my lane of the Coventry Canal and 10 minute walk to the Oxford Canal Hawkesbury Junction where I use to live. I shall have to do a few blogs to fit all the photo s on so hope you won’t get board, but shall do this one for now as its late.

This the one with wooden brown windows is the cottage I use to live in right by Hawksbury Junction.

The Moorings

Canal Art

One man and his dog in a canoe at the front

His dog has just got out of the canoe at Hawksbury Junction

My Grand daughter and Grandson helping with the locks

The dark building with a tall chimney is the old engine house the engine still exists but has been moved back to the town where it was designed and made. The little red building in front was where they paid their toll when the canal was used for working on the canals.

The Lock

The Greyhound pub to the left right by the canal side

The old Cottages just before the Greyhound pub.

The Lock House

The Sweet man which the council has stopped him selling sweets.

My grand kids sitting on the lock having a rest after an afternoons hard work helping with the lock

I must be under arrest they took my finger prints

Bath time family of swans wth their signets on Coventry Canal.

Close up of the Engine house

Thats it folks hope you enjoyed part 1 of the canals around where I live.

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Thank you very much for posting these pictures Thrypennybit :-)

30 May, 2015


I'm close to the Grand Union Canal,
I think Snoop that the steps are to stop you slipping, some bridges are very steep and if icy quite dangerous to use.....think of the Canals heydays with horse drawn boats and the boaters having to cross in freezing weather....
such a hard life with a tiny cabin for the whole family to live in...

thanks 3d ☺

30 May, 2015


Lovely pics thrupenny.... the canal path must be a lovely walk...

30 May, 2015


Thankyou for taking us along on your canal trip thrupenny - we quite often walk the canal towpaths around Ellesmere and Oswestry - so peaceful - lots of wildlife and the dogs love it - Jane

30 May, 2015


Thank you Klahanie for looking

30 May, 2015


They are not steps Snoopdog but raised ridges to get a foot hold in winter, as Pamg explained, not forgetting the horses would be on a rope where on some bridges are marks left from the ropes.

30 May, 2015


First of all thank you Pamg for explaining the bridge to Snoopdog, I hope you enjoyed the canal.

30 May, 2015


Yes Hollyeves it is a lovely walk either way it goes for miles and miles. The next blog I ll include the way to the shops with part of nature reserve along the Coventry canal.

30 May, 2015


Thank you Janelloyd yes peacefull and lots of wild life no traffic fumes is why I use it for shopping. I m pleased like me you appreciate the canal and surroundings.

30 May, 2015


Very atmospheric pictures 3d. Those are very large canal boats compared with the ones on the Shroppie Union! Its good to have a peaceful waterside place to go for a stroll.

30 May, 2015


Thank you Steragram yes it is lovely to have a peaceful waterside to go to, people are more friendly to, even when you have never seen them before, funny how they say hello on the tow path yet not on the street its like a different world.
I am suprised you say the boats are bigger here than where you are.
A few months ago 007 or I recall him as the Saint Roger Moore had dinner at the pub above the Greyhound he was in our local telegraph, he was very friendly.

30 May, 2015


Sounds lovely....will look out for your next blog.

31 May, 2015


Interesting blog. Looking forward to the next one :o)

31 May, 2015


Thank you Hollyeves.

31 May, 2015


Glad you found it interesting Hywel :0)

31 May, 2015


We have two canals flowing into the river Liffey in Dublin. We have the royal canal on the north side of the city and the grand canal on the south side. The grand canal is 82 miles long before reaching the river Shannon. The royal canal 89 miles long. before it reaches the river Shannon. The river Shannon is 224 miles long which makes it the longest river in Ireland and Brittan. So any one who is interest in canaling would have a lot of water to cover, it is something I would loved to have done. We are so lucky to still have the grand and royal canal. If the developers and town planner got their way they had proposed to fill them in and make a roadway out of them. The people up roared, their plans never went ahead. I don't no about Brittan but over here in Ireland they did some crazy planning in the 1960 and 1970 and to this day we still get bad planning. It ok for these town planners they still get there big fat pension from the state and do a runner. Sorry it make me so mad. I am sorry Thrupennybit for to bring it up on your wonderful blog. About 20 years ago volunteers started to clean up the canals and what a great job they have done.

31 May, 2015


So enjoyed your blog,TB........would love to live near some canals.......there would be many beautiful water scenes to paint.

31 May, 2015


It all sounds lovely there Johnjoe. So pleased the people won not replacing the canals with roads who get these horrid ideas.
I dont mind at all you expressing your feelings here about horrid planning we are getting the same here . Its to keep the rich boys university kids in a job also building contractors. Some one here told me its the yanks behind it all, which would nt suprise me. Watching a train program here Ireland looks wonderful, compared with here.

1 Jun, 2015


Yes it is thank you Meadowland, yes on a nice sunny day would be great to sit aside the canal and paint lovely water scenes.

1 Jun, 2015


Just looking at your wonderful photos makes me a little envious of your picturesque canals. If only over here they would put in a bigger effort we could have them as nice as Brithish canals. Our canals do pass through some lovely villages and towns. There are some groups who try their best, but with lack of funds it is hard for them.

1 Jun, 2015


Johnjoe ours were largely neglected at one time - its so good to see them being restored and used. Maybe you could start a pressure group?

1 Jun, 2015


So were these neglected Johnjoe but our council decided to clean up the canals , get artist to sculpture canal art and the council placed different works along the stretch of the tow path , there is quiet a few of them.

They then suggested to sell the canal off but the people would nt let them, as you say it all comes down to cost and we here in Coventry pay the highest council tax. They now dredge the canal of rubbish, tow paths strimmed the people had a volenteer group to plant wild flowers side of the tow path, we have the river Sowe flowing under the Coventry canal which I shall put a picture up of it on my next blog going the opposite way to this.
The only thing I can suggest is to show them these photos and make them jealous lol show them what can be done and mainly tell them it would attract people in to the area to spend their money as this is what our council does . Each year we have a boat fare where all the narrow boats gather in the basin in the City, they use to have it here Hawksbury junction being a wide spot they use have fair on the field side of the Greyhound pub and tug a war with the boats but they dont do it any more the basin is to narrow . You really must convince them it will bring punters in spending money into the areas by doing this. If not why not get them to ask for an EU funding to clean up the canals and area .

Then if you look at the 12th photo on the waste lands sife of the canal where there is no tow path they have built water side apartments, you will see what they are like better on my next blog voing the other way towards Coventry.

For you Johnjoe for local artist to contribute. Here are the sculptures.
Coventry canal art trail .
the stine settee is at the bottom of my lane.

1 Jun, 2015


Thank you Thrupennybit as I said before your good. I don't know any of the volunteer groups. I know they are out there and I will find them and pass on the information to them thanks again.

I am so looking forward to part 2 of your blog.

1 Jun, 2015


Your welcome I hope you all get what you wish for. Its just a shame money is always at the back of it.

I am not sure if you know of Coventry but it is mainly made up of Irish and Welsh and their off spring most of which have ran the City. Just show them what their off spring can do.

1 Jun, 2015


I did know a lot of Irish went to Coventry before and during the second WR and in the 1950 to help re build Coventry.
It is nice to know we Irish played their part and their contribution in the running and reshaping with your Welsh cousins of Coventry city, after those terrible days of the blitz of Coventry.

2 Jun, 2015


Thank you Johnjoe from the re shaping in the 50s I dont think many will recognise Coventry by the time they have finished with all this rebuild even locals get lost now. Its become a university City. We just had the motorfest
I sure your young grandson will love these.
Vintage cars
Racing on our ring road.

4 Jun, 2015


Smashing pictures Dawn!

5 Jun, 2015


Thank you Paul glad you like them. You can book a holiday on them from Hawksbury Junction.
The Coventry boat transports people from Hawkesbury to the Richo where they hold the concerts and Rugby and football as the canal is right next to the concert grounds.

6 Jun, 2015


I ha ent got time for holidays....I've got a new garden to build/plan/plant...ha ha!!!

8 Jun, 2015


Lol Paul no rest for the wicked as they say, now dont forget the meaning of wicked in to day
s language is fantastic , perhaps next year you can get your self a holiday.

8 Jun, 2015


Well, Julie has booked us 3 nights away in Hastings at beginning July....but, I think that will have to do this year!

10 Jun, 2015


Thats lovely of Julie to give you all a three day brake, dont tell me your being a clown at the sea side 🃏 . I ve never been to Hastings yet I have a cousin who lives down there. I hope you have a wonderful time, perhaps you could bring back some new plants in stead of rock lol.

10 Jun, 2015


I've been there before but only to work and to take Graeme to a holiday camp there(for his work), a few years ago. in fact, we are staying in a holiday park(so that Paddy can come with us as our youngest not living with us now so unable to look afetr Paddy) and it's a park where I visited in December 2011 as Santa !

12 Jun, 2015


Thanks great Paul your taking Paddy with you and at least you know whats its like being there already. Lol had to giggle your youngest not living with yous any more, Paul take it from me they come back with doubles and trebbles. You end up needimg a bigger house and bank account for the grand kids.

12 Jun, 2015


Well, we've had them both go and come back...the eldest about 3 times but, they are both gone for the moment! And, no grandchildren on the radar yet!

12 Jun, 2015


Lol Paul they know where their are best looked after by mjm and dad. I tgink you and Julie will enjoy grand children.

20 Jun, 2015


I lived on a narrowboat for some years, moored at Exhall Basin just round the corner from Hawkesbury. I had a garden, parking and all mod cons, which helped me to adapt to the way of life. They were wonderful times; my work colleagues used to say: 'You're on holiday every day!'
Thanks for the memories, Thruppenybit,

7 Apr, 2016


Your very welcome The White Horse yes I know where you mean where you were . Yes your work mates were so right I would love to live on a barge. By the way your name the White Horse is that from the White Horse pub in Bedworth. Your in a lovely area now Powys

7 Apr, 2016

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