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It's good to recycle disused objects. I just wish I was good at making things out of them but I'm not.
Wonderful sunsets :o)


What a great idea,its amazing what we find to recycle..such a throw away society these days,and such a shame not to re use.Your Tomato's,potato's and vine look great too.I remember those sunsets,teen,from when I lived in Cumbria,or Cumberland as it was previously known then,whereabouts are you?
lovely blog and pics...thanks for sharing...:o)


You are a great example of recycling, well done on all your ingenious ideas, many and varied. We can all do our bit to help the environment and help each other with such cracking ideas. The sunsets are so very beautiful and I am a little bit envious of you ;0)))))


Welcome from me! Beautiful pictures of the place where you live...


If the muck is very fresh, the only problem is that it might cause nitrogen depletion in the soil if it has not fully rotted. So that might affect the overall weight of the crop.
If you haven't already dug it in, why not just use the compost on the surface around the growing plants to help 'earth them up'. The worms will do the rest. Most plants benefit from surface feeding which is where most of the feeding roots are. Although I take your point about anything to keep in moisture in your well drained soil. Have you tried surface mulches to do this?


Photo 2 is stunning ! Welcome from me too.


a lovely setof photos.
look foward to seeing your garden pics.


Splendid views.


Welcome to Goy your photos are lovely


Wonderful pictures. Hope you are enjoying your Retirement....Now you can spend most of
your time with those Vegetables, and of course the rest of the Garden.
Welcome to GOY from me too. Look forward to pics. of your
Garden Teen.......


A very warm welcome to GOY, hope you enjoy being with us.


Wonderful pics - welcome


welcome from me too teen..:o))


Welcome to GoY. You live in a wonderful place with those views.


The manuring isn't the problem, it's what the soil was recently. Wire worm occur most frequently on grassland or pasture which has recently been dug over or ploughed up.