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State of play in May + bonus Anguis fragilis


Just a few pics to record the plants

Nice aquilegia

The bird box i put up is still empty, never mind, looks nic ; )

all startin to come together

Trellis is being recovered

from this angle

I bought this nice dark leaved yellow flowered thing

from the other side


Acer is paler this year, poppys n iris

The birds dont even bother to move now when i come out the door…just ‘’your house yeah whatever pal’’


ah a biggun, 16inches of slowworm

all lookin tidy in te big poly, bit behind with me toms but hey I’ve got a polytunnel so they’ll be in n going soon enough

Have rehashed the cool area after the hot spell,

and the new ‘level’(ish) pallett top, less bodged more stable and nicely covered if I say so myself


not a good enough hiding place

first of the Ville de lyon clem, one of me faves and this other one in full swing whose name escapes me

from the door



like the Solomon’s seal in this shot

enjoy : )

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All looking good, Stevie. I really like the coral-coloured poppies by your door and you've done good work with those pallets.

23 May, 2014


Love it all, I could do with a potting bench just like yours, now I have some pallets I might just get one think I shall have a go at that, now where did I put my hammer and nails - right said Fred better get a move on. :O)

23 May, 2014


Great stuff Stevie. that is certainly a good big slowworm. Next doors cat catches ours - looks so funny walking up the drive with one hanging on each side of his mouth, like a puffin with a fish. Your bi-colour pink is very pretty and so is that poppy. How did you get a dahlia to flower so early?

23 May, 2014


I just love all those pots Stevie.

23 May, 2014


All looking great.... :))))

24 May, 2014


Cheers folks
got a pack of dahlias from wilkos early on and potted them n brought them on in the poly as all the nice weather was coming on so more to come there. Just puttin a few nice things by the door as n when they flower

24 May, 2014


Hope you remember to leave the door space clear Stevie, lol, its all looking good and you won't see your house soon..

24 May, 2014


Good to have you back on the site Stevie.
What has happened to Sticki Toffee ?

24 May, 2014


What a show! It's amazing that they are all in pots, does that include the climbers? They all look terrific and you must work hard to keep them all looking so good.
The pallet table is terrific! We had a lot, but made most of them into compost bins, your table is a much better idea. You have some real treasures hidden away amongst your pots, takes a close study to see them all.

24 May, 2014


I love your pallet bit too, great for potting up etc and you could store compost underneath, us gardeners never have enough storage places do we?? Great blog Stevie.

24 May, 2014


Cheers folks
Ll, ah yes I do need to get in n out ; )
DB, just tending to pop by once or twice a month now with no internet (whilst I am enjoying suing BT and my ISP in court : ). Sticky is still around.
HS, yes , a blog or two ago I show making two huge planters out of an old oil tank, the climbers are in one with perennials in tother and used old recycling bins for the small trellis climbers in trays. having the bigger planters certainly has helped with all the plants.
Gm, certainly cool in that area but I like to pot up on a bench (old door) in the small poly at the mo, so good in all weathers. will move outside when it gets proper hot

26 May, 2014

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