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Septemper n October skys


Just a few pics at this time of year as the light goes down at the end of the season.

Ok lied, this one is from January, just thought I would include it ; )

and while I am having a rummage through my files this was from February

and this

Oh ok here we are in March

fancy another bit of spring equinox

Bring you up to date, oh ok this was from August, fetus in the sky?

Aug (why lie)

and here we are in September

over by the polytunnel

over the way

over the veg patch

a seam of gold

gentle skys


explosion over the ridge (metaphorically, not an actual exposition ; )




blue grey


before just before

just before ; )





an innocent cloud…or is it?

creeping in

light to dark over the tree

more to come?


cheers : )

And how about an extra grey one anyone?
This was similar to one I put on at the end of January but in extra grey for Lulu : )

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Amazing clouds and skies - thank you!

10 Oct, 2012


Great photos of beautiful skies. I have a collection of sky photos from this summer that are similar ... but nowhere near as good :)

10 Oct, 2012


Thanks OO, GG, why not put them on I am sure they would be appreciated : )

10 Oct, 2012


I like the grey one!!

10 Oct, 2012


They may well make an appearance at some point then!
I thought the January one had stars on at first ... but it turned out just to be dust on my computer screen lol ;o)

10 Oct, 2012


really beautiful stevie, you are so lucky to be able to see so much sky!
i really love the tree silhouettes, the music matches so well, i especially liked the first piece.
thanks ~ its a lovely blog

10 Oct, 2012


Its funny Stevie, but I started to record my sky here on a month by month basis but gave up when we kept getting wet days!! So was pleased to see your blog which is gorgeous, fab photos, love the explosion one! Couldnt get the music cos my adobe is not up to date!

10 Oct, 2012


BEST SHOT:-))))))))))

10 Oct, 2012


Lulu I have added a bit of grey for you at the end, I thought you would like the last gasp of light trying to get to the folly/tor on the hill, what do you think guys?

GG, I know the feeling lol, just give this thing a wipe as well

Sticki well its gets darker a little quicker when the sun goes over the ridge but it does then get darker seemingly under lighting the clouds sometimes

GM I think youtube is flash isnt it, or something but you could stick on your Jean michelle jarre LP ; )

Thank you Junna, which one?

10 Oct, 2012


they are really lovely photos, the last one seems cooler ~ is the red planet glowing in the distance?

its a great record stevie, wish you could have very large photos on walls [instead of wall paper] i would love to look at a sky scape!

10 Oct, 2012


Luvly pictures there Stevie. Liked the January one, the explosion-not, the Aug/Sep have got nice colours to them. If I were to do a short blog on sky pics I took over the year it would be hard to keep the blog short, lol.
My neighbours hedge gets in the way - difficult to take good pics recently.

10 Oct, 2012


Bueautiful - you get some great sunsets where you live - love the shots taken through the tree.

10 Oct, 2012


Lol Stevie, if I had one that is!!!?? (I do like him though!)

10 Oct, 2012


The last one , for me is the best :-))))))))

11 Oct, 2012


i like 2, 4, 5, explosion, as well as 'gaps' and 'grey'

11 Oct, 2012


Junna, the photo I took just before that last one I put on here

thanks folks

11 Oct, 2012


nice !

11 Oct, 2012


that second pic took my breath away - if you saw something like this in a film you'd say it was overdone! thanks so much for sharing.

12 Oct, 2012


the fourth one reminds me of lava bubbling!

12 Oct, 2012


now you mention it ...

12 Oct, 2012


Stevie, I tried but the add. did not match i type it very clearly , Why??

13 Oct, 2012


it worked ok for me junna but i dont type it i cut and paste the link
~ so if you highlight by left clicking the mouse from before the 'h' of http to the end of 'e' terrible then right click and you should get an option to go to that picture

or when it is all highlighted you can right click to copy it then left click to paste it in the web address section ~ hopefully you should see the picture.

13 Oct, 2012


Thank you very much for your advice Pippa I may do that but i have to wait for my daughter ,hehehe! She is my teacher in computer:-))))))))))))

13 Oct, 2012


Wonderful pics!

14 Oct, 2012


cheers folks, thanks Pixi : )

15 Oct, 2012


Meant to add took some lovely misty shot today, will bung em on soon

15 Oct, 2012


I like misty!

16 Oct, 2012


yes please stevie, sounds good, play/show misty!

16 Oct, 2012

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