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PC broke down,I broke down and bought a new one.


By stan510


I had to do it. So,I went to the local electronic store…skipped over the AMD double dual core 500gb with fast gaming action.
I just wanted to post on the internet.

I bought the least expensive pc they had….but I bought a much nicer monitor then those that came with the mega PC’s.
I also finally returned my old modem to the cable company and in return got the new one they advertise as super duper. For free. Just the usual 10$ a month usage fee..

Then,I went into shock…everything works perfect. Instant connection,HD vids playback perfectly.

The last time I bought a new PC was around 2005. The only option then was dial up. I used to get mad at my GF who when she called me knocked me off line “Why are you calling me NOW?”.She knew I was not truly angry-lol.
No digital cameras then either.
Now,I am in the 21st century. Well,farther into the 21st.

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Stan you made me laugh, especially the part about getting kicked offline because your girlfriend rang, I can remember the times when my hubby had cables everywhere and turned his computer on hours before he wanted to actually use it online, also if it wouldn't load after I'd hoovered in that room or the hallway it was always my fault for messing near his precious cables...

23 Feb, 2016


Thanks Lin!

I've been looking at gardening vids now that I can. I have learned one thing Lin. Do not watch all of those amateur garden vids that have shaky camera's.
Too many of those in a row- even with fast forwarding,will cause a headache.
It makes you appreciate the pro vids..

24 Feb, 2016


Congratulation Stan and welcome to 21 century, It is not without frustration at times :-)

25 Feb, 2016

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