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how it was


it,s not there anymore

on the left of photo is a nice privit ?spell between our house and next door well last summer they pulled it completely out so that they would not need to cut a hedge i know they both come from big towns but what a shame that hedge must have been there for years .we have lived with it for i think 47 years this march .and it was there when we first came here to live and still not replaced looks bare and untidy now why dont people leave things alone i know we live in the sticks and not many people see it but why . rant over

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Ooh. I bet you were spitting feathers!
They wouldn't want to live in my house then.. My garden adjoins three other gardens and they all have hedges which make up the boundaries with my house. It takes forever to trim them; a mix of laurel, privet, conifers and yew! Only one hedge belongs to us, and that's at the front!
Oh. And they are all about 10' high!! They're a b*^>><r every year!

3 Mar, 2015


Oh dear thats a shame, we used to have a beautiful rose hedge at the front between us and our neighbour, I came home from work one day and the mum and daughter had cut it all down, they had also poured creosote over the stumps so it didn't grow again, I'm talking about 15years or more and since then all we've had are the concrete posts and 4 strands of wire separating our gardens, many a time it has been suggested by the daughter how much nicer it would look if "WE " put a fence up as we did at the back, on principal I refuse to do it, a few years later the daughter said she wanted to do the same to a Forsythia that is at the back just off our yards, it creates a good windbreak and also privacy, I said that was fine as long as she left my half alone and so far its still there....

3 Mar, 2015


SO FRUSTRATING Snoopdog. Surely as newcomers to the area, you would hope, as their neighbour, you may have at least been consulted and had an opportunity to "air your views". Some people just have no consideration for others.

3 Mar, 2015


I live on the edge of a council estate. The lady next door is meticulous trimming her hedge round the front garden every time a few new leaves dare to show themselves.
Her garden is always spick and span.
The people on the other side just ignore the privet hedge. It must be 12 feet high, an awful eyesore. When these flats are let to tenants they have to sign a paper agreeing to keep the garden areas tidy. She had complained to the Estate manager, was very upset at having to do it. Still no response. People who dont care about the environment can make other people ill. We can just hope they are not planning to stay very long !

4 Mar, 2015


As long as you don't have the kind of neighbors that you would like to pull up and toss out, things aren't that bad.

4 Mar, 2015


no they are not bad neighbours they said when they pulled the hedge away they were putting a new fence last summer but it never happened i do hope they do it this year

4 Mar, 2015


Thats true L'strife, our neighbours are actually lovely people, I just wish they hadn't destroyed the rose all those years ago..

4 Mar, 2015


Unfortunately lots of people want an empty garden, the same as they want an empty house ... minimalist I think they call it.
I think it's boring.

4 Mar, 2015


I have seen similar things like this happen when new people move into houses near to where I live, they often rip out lovely established plants, I always think I hope they offered them to friends or family but I think most likely they are thrown in the recycling bin, it would be nice if they were offered to other people, me for one lol, but as Hywel commented a lot of people do not want a lot of greenery, just an empty space

8 Mar, 2015

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