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account closed


just went to read blog just to let you know and it sent me to account closed is it balcony?

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Hi Steve ..
it is the man who used to be Costas1...

25 Jul, 2014


thanks terra?

25 Jul, 2014


I read the blog before it was deleted.
He said someone had misunderstood one of his comments,
so to avoid any further misunderstandings he deleted his account.

I left a comment saying it wasn't his fault if someone misunderstood him, but he went ahead and deleted his account anyway.

25 Jul, 2014


Oh dear, he does get in a tizz sometimes so perhaps he'll come back again after a while like he did before.....

25 Jul, 2014


I added a comment that I didn't think he was intending to be rude, but can't say its surprising that he's left - I think I would have done.Such a pity when misunderstandings cause hurt.

25 Jul, 2014


Costas has done that a few times !!! Pity that it has made Kokkinotria delete their account
Things like this are what makes me use GOY less now

26 Jul, 2014


I wasn't around so obviously don't know what was said, its a shame he felt he had to close his account again but he'll perhaps return after a while , he's done it a few times over the years.
Its nice to know you are still around Helen, I enjoy it too much to give it up....

27 Jul, 2014


I pop in now and again as I love to catch up on people's blogs and photos but I don't put many on myself any more but like to see what others are doing :-))🌞🌞

28 Jul, 2014

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