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bad weather here


the wind here is very strong today,been out and lifted fence panels and placed bricks under the bottom to let wind blow through and also jammed a pole to stop the concrete post,s from moving been a few years since we had it this rough.north shropshire

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The suns shining here now but boy the wind is blowing and bashing things about, I've been looking at all the places suffering with floods, its heartbreaking, stay safe Steve.......

27 Dec, 2013


Very strong winds here as well at the moment with heavy rain forecast for tonight.

27 Dec, 2013


the winds were strong during the night, but gone before dawn. my thoughts are with all those people who have been hit a lot worse by the winds and floods.

27 Dec, 2013


Hi Steve ..
Good idea to adjust your fence panels to cope with the gales ... very blowy everywhere today ..

Are the dogs okay ?

27 Dec, 2013


With us in North Shropshire the winds caused a lot of old trees to come down. Am glad had all my 40 ft conifers taken out!

27 Dec, 2013


It's very rough here tonight!

27 Dec, 2013


We missed the bad weather. It was a bit 'breezy' this morning, but nothing like they said it would be.
I hope everyone affected by it doesn't experience any damage.

27 Dec, 2013

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