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lots of nonsense getting through into the blog pages i know there is not much happening in the gardens now,apart from scottish feeding the cat with pansies but these blogs today fill the whole page grrrrrrr

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Hi Steve ..
Yes, it is a pity when blogs by the members get lost behind all these nuisance blogs.

Yesterday I published a blog ..

It's the flower pot pictures the members asked for ..

... but not sure if you'll be able to find it now !

11 Dec, 2013


Terra's blog is at the bottom of page 3 snoop

11 Dec, 2013


pamg i found terra,s blog thanks what a nuisance how do they find their way on here,i have written pm to the goy team but i suppose there is a limit to what can be done because it is so easy to join goy and cause disruption but it is a free site so we should be grateful for that

11 Dec, 2013


At least admin removed the rude ones, It must take time to remove all the rest!

11 Dec, 2013


The more often we flag, the quicker the unwelcome blogs will be removed ...
so everyone please flag as many as you have time to do...

11 Dec, 2013


I'm gradually working my way down, its a mega task today. .

11 Dec, 2013


yes.. there are loads !!!

11 Dec, 2013

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