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i went to a nursery with gaynor yesterday she wanted a couple of shrubs and a tray of geraniums took about 2 hours walking about so we ended up buying a meal as well anyway back to the point while there i bought a tray of summer cabbage,mine are so far behind this year.what i am trying to say is veg seeds are getting over priced now the emphasis is on growing your own and i think the time and effort is now wasted on raising them and buying a couple of score is little more than i paid for seed packets and they are ready to go

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I do agree with you, although I don't buy veg seed, I buy flower seed and what annoys me about that is that I get maybe about 300 seeds in a pack sometimes and I only want about 20 plants so I'm paying for far more than I want. I ended up taking lots of spare seedlings to work and giving them away but I'd gone to the trouble I didn't need to of raising them etc It's easier to buy trays of the plants I want as it saves my time, and time is the most precious resource we have!

7 May, 2013


I've been tempted to buy some veg plants this year too. I only want a few anyway, and there are far too many in a pack of seeds.
Good luck with your cabbages

7 May, 2013


I've bought most of my seeds from EBay and wilkos as they have been the cheapest around. EBay is good for the different varieties and most sellers you pay one postage cost for as many packets you want to buy from them.

7 May, 2013


It's like everything else Snoop - they are encouraging everyone to grow their own, then the prices go sky high!
I don't do seeds and I attempted a few veg a few years back and to be honest, after all the time, effort and costs - I was far cheaper buying when I compared my harvest!

7 May, 2013


I have suggested local village halls have a 'Seed Bank'
on a bring and swop basis, where people can take their spare seeds, for others to use, while taking some home that they need. It would only take a couple of cardboard boxes. No money involved.
The boxes could be put out when there is a social event on.
Its being put to the Committee of a local village hall,
so should be of help to others this season.
The seeds should be within the packet dates.

8 May, 2013


same here, Louise - or bulb offers - what the flip do I want with 200 of the same plant?? and the "buy one get one free" - 400 identical plants????

maybe GoYers could get together and split purchases? of course one needs to find someone who wants the same thing as you, but it might be worth trying - and would help lower the prices per person

10 May, 2013


When I did the Seed Bank on an allotment field many years ago the men used to come in the office saying
"Where's the box, where's the box ?"
They loved it.
End of the season the Steward threw all the old packets
out - which he need not have done as some seeds keep
for 4 years.

10 May, 2013


but if we swop seeds and keep them for more than a season, how are the sellers going to continue to make their exorbitant profit out of us??

11 May, 2013


Only just seen this - browsing to fill half an hour waiting for a train.
I like the idea of seed/bulb swaps - isn't this what gardeners do anyway? I mentioned at work the other day that I'd bought a bag of 50 alliums and had struggled to pot them all up in good time and some one said they liked alliums but couldn't face that many bulbs - consequence I pass on a pot of bulbs and am getting a load of cyclamen in return to plant under the remains of the privet.

16 Nov, 2013

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