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Poisonous plants to cats and dogs


By siris


To the members to whom I have given Liriope.
I knew that onions were toxic to dogs. Apparently members of the lily family are poisonous to cats if eaten.
After a GOU member told me that Liriope is toxic, I looked it up on Google where the opinions are mixed.
I do not have any pets, only the aquatic kind, I do however like cats and dogs and would not wish them harm. My 3 adjoining neighbours and I have a problem with neighbours’ cats fouling in our gardens, quite disgusting, the smell and the flies. In my back garden it is cat/rat proof, the larch lap fences have concrete base boards and the trellis has wire netting on the lower portion. Unfortunately, neither can the hedgehogs enter. In the front we all have sonic cat scarers, so on the whole the cats do not enter our gardens, and out of range I put wire netting over their favourite pooping stations.
Other members opinions would be welcome.

Picture of a feral cat, which I was feeding on holiday last year, is’t she beautiful. I suppose, to feed them is wrong, to encourage them instead of letting them rat for themselves. The French would throw stones at them! What do they do when the tourists leave for the winter?

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I've never had problems with other cats, because my own cats always chase them away.
My cats have always used the hedgerows as toilets, and I also have patches of bare soil in my garden where they can go ...
but in a town where there are no natural spaces, and everyone has lawns, it must be difficult for them to find a place.

Someone once said they throw potatoes at cats, and I gave them a telling off. Those cats are someone's pets, and a potato can do a lot of damage to a small animal like a cat.
They have to go to the toilet, like we all do, but the people who own them should provide a patch in their gardens where they can go.
So if a cat poos in your garden, blame the humans.

I used to grow lilies, and have cats, but never had any problems.
However, I won't grow them now, since I heard of someone whose 3 cats died all in one day from lily pollen.
I grow Liriope but it never flowers. I am thinking of getting rid of it. It is a waste of space, and I want something that will flower.

10 Sep, 2014


Thanks for your comments Hywel, Although my green leaved Liriopes are flowering profusely now, I understand that it's the leaves if eaten by cats, that cause a problem.

10 Sep, 2014


In that case they must go. I've never seen any of my previous cats eat the leaves of a Liriope, but Bella will have a go an anything she can find.

10 Sep, 2014


Not a wise cat.

11 Sep, 2014

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