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Return of the Snow Queen.


Oh we shall be running out with the fleeces again to cover our poor, brave little plants and shrubs. When will it end – this unpleasant, unseasonable weather?

I found some more information on the web about snow bales. I did a Google search for ‘Snow Bales uk’ and found some beautiful pictures and lots of very interesting facts and explanations about this phenomenon.
Now the snow seems to be returning up here in the north so we shall be keeping a lookout for more opportunities to take spectacular photographs of it.

I am glad you liked Jesse’s pictures of the snow bales. He is entirely self taught and has worked hard at improving his ability. His love is of ‘Nature’ and so takes loads of photos of animals, birds, the countryside and the mountains and fells. Also he has developed a skill at taking wedding photos, videos and candid shots. These he puts together with appropriate music, thus making a splendid gift album or keepsake.

We have just had a nice young Polish lad call in to explain a few points I was unsure of about the stair lifts. He has been over here only 4 years but speaks better then many of us natives. It was reassuring to have an un-rushed explanation. It was news to him that there is likely to be a frost or snow…He lives in Durham where snow fell this morning.

Having just broken the bad news about the coming frost to Roy, he is now anxious to go outside and start operation ‘cover- up’ Must go on our errand of mercy and wrap fleece around the most delicate plants …………. otherwise it will all end in tears. .

It’s all go isn’t it?

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I agree,simplylyn,as I have just been out to "fleece" too.Luckily,I only have mixed salads in my guttering trough,and although I have earthed up my potato's,I have covered the ones I have in pots,with an upturned plastic plant pot..Not taking the risk of having black foliage tomorrow...

10 May, 2010


yes sub zero tempretures are back, the greenhouse looks like day of the triffids there`s so much crammed in ! !

10 May, 2010


Heater is set even where I am, hubby leaves home at 1-am for work and he said there was a frost when he left this morning, so its better to be safe......

10 May, 2010


Oh what sensible people we are! After all that WE DIDN'T have a frost last night.
Slept with a clear conscience though.
Roy did some tidying up today. Don't know whether to get some bedding plants yet. We have no greenhouse and he hates having to pick up boxes etc., to shelter them overnight in the garage. Decisions! Decisions!

11 May, 2010

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