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Not again!


Last year many of my outdoor potted Fuchsias suffered from Fuchsia Gall mite and were disposed of as I worried it would spread to those in the ground.

All is well with F. Mrs. Popple and F. Lady Boothby this year, but now I see that a Swingtime, bought in June and kept outdoors in a pot is looking like this.

Am I just unlucky with the Fuchsias or is there more to it? Is this another one to be disposed of?

All advice is welcome …

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I'm sorry to read this Shirley. It's very annoying.

This is from the The British Fuchsia Society website :-

At present it would appear that there are no chemicals that will effectively control
this pest, so we need to adopt other tactics.

 Be careful about where you get your fuchsias from and be on the lookout for
plants bearing the symptoms described above.

 Don’t take cuttings of fuchsias from the wild or in public areas. If offered a
cutting think twice and have a look around at all their plants for any signs of

 Only buy from sources that you can be sure of.

 If buying from a nursery - look around and check for GALL MITE damage
before purchasing any plants.

 Only buy from mail order sources you can be sure of.

 Remember that Fuchsia Gall Mite has been found in many cases in Brittany and
the Channel Islands – so if you are thinking of bringing plants or cuttings back
from either of these places DON’T! (Although it is not illegal it is not advisable)..

 Check your plants weekly during the growing season.

 Without intruding, keep an eye on fuchsias in neighbouring gardens and
hedgerows and wherever else you go. If this seems wrong, just remember if a
neighbour gets it and you do nothing, then you will get it too and so will all your

What to do if you suspect the presence of Fuchsia Gall Mite

At present this pest remains uncommon in most of the UK and we would suggest
some possible ways of tackling the problem.

1 Firstly – cutting off the infested shoot tips will remove many mites but regrowth
can become infested and so a weekly or regular check of your plants is required.

Prune away any new growth that is showing early symptoms. This has proved to
be an effi cient way of keeping Fuchsia Gall mite damage under control in the USA.

A severe autumn pruning of Fuchsias in the garden should also help – particularly
in areas where the pest is known. Cutting back the plants to ground level and
destroying the old season’s growth will mean that there are fewer places for the pest
to overwinter. Remember to wash your hands and secateurs, etc., before handling
any other fuchsias.

2 Secondly – a more drastic solution which is the destruction of the plant/s. The
original advice issued by FERA was that plants that show the damage should be
dug up and the plants destroyed either by burning or by sealing in plastic bags and
leaving in the sun until they are crisp. It is a method that is not always practical but
we leave the choice to you.

3 Thirdly – Chemical control – it would appear that Gall Mites in general are relatively
tolerant of pesticides and most home garden products will be ineffective. However we
are advised that the use of products recommended for combating mites i.e. acaricides
may have an effect in disrupting the life cycle if sprayed every 3 or 4 days over a period
of 14 days. At present the only possible chemical control is Abamectin + thiamethoxam
(Westland Plant Rescue Bug Killer Ornamental Plants ready to use) which we believe
may give some control if applied when the symptoms start to appear.

2 Aug, 2017


I can't help you with this problem but I'm also worried my Fuchsias may become infected with this gall mite. I have been given 5 or 6 plants as well as having at least that many of my own so I wouldn't like them to be infected either.

If you haven't done so already it would be best to get rid of it as soon as you possibly can - incineration probably being the best method of control.

2 Aug, 2017


Hywel, that's really kind of you to give me this information. This Fuchsia was bought from a well known German supermarket ... my first ever visit to this place.

It has put me right off buying plants from them again.

Tomorrow I shall cut off all the infested shoot tips and see how the plant responds to that. I never use chemicals in the garden so that's not an option for me.

I hope it revives as it's a very pretty Fuchsia.

I hope it never appears in your part of the world, Hywel.

2 Aug, 2017


Balcony, it was really sad last year to have binned most of my Fuchsias. I shall persevere with this one, if it doesn't revive then that's it, no more Fuchsias for me. :o(

2 Aug, 2017


Oh dear I've never come across this problem before I do hope you can sort this out. If anyone knows about what to do its Hywel. Good luck x

2 Aug, 2017


Would you like a cutting of Swingtime Shirley ? I am going to take some from a few soon ...

2 Aug, 2017


Oh I am so sorry it has happened to you again. I remember last year when you had to get rid of all of them. Fingers crossed for you that following Hywel advise works.

2 Aug, 2017


Hope its some comfort to hear that I had it on one plant earlier this year and cut off all the affected parts. so far everything seems OK.

2 Aug, 2017


Thanks Waddy ... it's a nasty looking problem.

Yes please Hywel, I know your Fuchsias are healthy!

Well remembered Jen ...

Stera, that's encouraging to hear.

2 Aug, 2017


Such a shame Shirley you ve got it again I dont know about Gall mite as I ve never had it I just wonder is it in the soil they use.

2 Aug, 2017


What a nasty mite that is! I feel so sorry that you've had to destroy many of your fuchsias. I do hope you have been able to incinerate the affected plants.

3 Aug, 2017


I've never seen the effects of this as clearly as in your pics Shirley and thanks for all that info Hywel. Since the first time I heard about this mite as a member of the BFS at the time, I think I've only bought a couple of Fuchsias about three years ago. I make do with cuttings from my own and looking at other peoples photos on here.

3 Aug, 2017


Daft as it might seem I've added this to favs, (all the info is need to keep) thankyou Hywel...
Its very disappointing to see it happening again Shirley, I hope you can save it....

3 Aug, 2017


Right, I have cut the stems hard back to one pair of leaves. They look healthy but I shall keep a watchful eye on them. The infested parts have been binned and the scissors used disinfected!

3 Aug, 2017


Hello Lincs, we are typing at the same time! Not daft at all to keep this blog for the info. kindly supplied by Hywel.

I am so disappointed to see this problem again, especially as the Fuchsia looked so healthy when I bought it in June.

Thank goodness the perennial ones, Mrs. Popple and Lady Boothby appear to be thriving. Mind you, the strong winds are making them move around way too much! :o(

3 Aug, 2017


Shirley, please do try & burn the plant bits as binning them will just move the mites elsewhere.

3 Aug, 2017


How awful for you.....I knew Hywel would have the answer.

3 Aug, 2017



While I was dead-heading the Passion flower which grows against our garden fence, I looked over to the neighbours garden and saw their perennial Fuchsia looks dreadful, showing all the signs of Fuchsia Gall Mite.

*The info. here:* Without intruding, keep an eye on fuchsias in neighbouring gardens and
hedgerows and wherever else you go. If this seems wrong, just remember if a
neighbour gets it and you do nothing, then you will get it too and so will all your
friends. *This may well be the cause of my ruined Fuchsias!*

3 Aug, 2017


Are you going to mention it to them Shirley ? It will probably spread to your other Fuchsias.

3 Aug, 2017


Yes I will mention it to them at the weekend Hywel ... I'm sure they won't mind me saying!

4 Aug, 2017


Oh, it's so disheartening when that happens. I have the same sort of thing with dahlias. They are my favourite flower, but I have no luck in growing them, so have given up.

4 Aug, 2017


Commiserations! A friend lost an entire greenhouse-full of fuchsias to this disease. He was really upset as you can imagine. I'd certainly let your neighbour know.

We have bought some lovely plants from the German stores but they do let their plants suffer from lack of water. Health and safety apparently!

4 Aug, 2017


Lisam, such a shame when we can't grow the plants we really like ... :o(

Eirlys, I can imagine how sad he must have felt. On Thursday the supermarket had some fabulous healthy looking Clematis at £4.99 ... I was tempted but only bought groceries! :o)

5 Aug, 2017


We have bought, and lost, so many Clematis plants. Paid more than £4.99 :O(
We are down to three and these have rewarded us by actually blooming!
I read somewhere that they like LOTS of water. Well a blocked ditch on the reserve resulting in a flooded back garden last year might have helped them!

5 Aug, 2017


Mixed fortunes for you Eirlys!

6 Aug, 2017

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