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Wacky Tomato update


Back in March I was given a ‘Wacky Tomato Kit’ comprising seeds of different varieties of Tomato.

They were all sown at the same time, sadly not all germinated but here are some photos to show you how they are now.

These are Zlatava, orange on the outside, red like a blood orange on the inside. Round to heart shaped.

Next are Taiko … growing outdoors. Bright yellow oblong, high yielding.

and Taiko in the unheated greenhouse

Tomato variety Duo. These have a superb flavour … look like an apple!

and Green Envy, a green cherry Tomato.

I also sowed Gardener’s Delight and Shirley … tried and tasted varieties … doing well in a Growbag in the greenhouse

These will be given to our son and his wife later

I think this is possibly the ‘wackiest’ for shape!

I can tell you the flavour was superb … lovely in a cheese sandwich.

If only it would stop raining, those Tomatoes need the sunshine to ripen.

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Oh wow! I do like this blog. Have never seen so many varieties, apart from the supermarket! I'd really enjoy trying out the different tastes. Taiko's done well for outside planting.
Did you have a favourite?

2 Aug, 2017


Eirlys, we are still waiting for most of the outdoor ones to ripen so have only eaten Duo so far.

I really like the old favourites, Gardener's Delight and Shirley, to the point of eating them straight off the vine in the greenhouse.

The 'Duo' variety is a very tasty outdoor tomato and I would recommend it. Some of them are very high yielding bush type, so I cut off many side shoots as really can't be doing with so many fruits!

2 Aug, 2017


What a great selection and all edible ... are the green ones ok to eat ? and taiko looks interesting


2 Aug, 2017


How marvellous is that, we have so many outside my OH does not care for them, and I can no longer eat them, so the family are tucking into them.....

2 Aug, 2017


Yummy, I love tasty tomatoes.

2 Aug, 2017


Gg ... it will be strange eating a green Tomato ... but they are described as having a 'robust, meaty flavour' so I'm looking forward to tasting one.

Dotty, I wonder how the outdoor ones are going to fare in this heavy rain. Lack of warmth and sunshine can't be good for them ... :o(

Siris, welcome to my world! As I said earlier, I go in the greenhouse and eat the little ones, they don't make it to the plate!

2 Aug, 2017


How lovely to grow all those different types, and I hope you enjoy them.
We ... and they ... need some sunshine soon.

2 Aug, 2017


Thanks Hywel ... some sunny days would really be appreciated wouldn't they? I have a question on my Fuchsia 'Swingtime' to ask ... hope you will see it and perhaps answer for me. :o)

2 Aug, 2017


Oh, Shirley what wonderful varieties to choose from! Will you keep seeds from the ones you really liked. I know what you mean about needing the sun. I've grown Shirleys and Moneymakers this year, but like you say, they now need some sun!

2 Aug, 2017


They must be the "wackiest" tomatoes ever!

I've never heard of some of those varieties before today!

I have 10 plants of 'moneymaker' growing on the balcony & I gave 10 to my daughter & 10 plants to my son. Of the 3 lots of 10 those my son has are the best of the lot! Yet he is a "rookie" gardener!

He'd never had a garden before in his life till he moved to the UK 2 years ago & eventually got a house here. He's doing better than his father who he is putting to shame this year! LOL!

He's really been bitten by the gardening bug! He's always buying new plants & they are doing really well for him!

2 Aug, 2017


Waddy, I was disappointed that neither Black Russian nor Radana seeds germinated. The former are said to have a smokey flavour, I was looking forward to tasting those.

Oh well, win some, lose some, eh?

That's a good idea to keep seeds for next year. :o)

2 Aug, 2017


Balcony, sounds as though your son is enjoying his garden.

I really hope the outdoor Tomatoes don't suffer with blight with all this rain. :o(

2 Aug, 2017


I tried Black Russian seeds myself once. Like yours, they never germinated, ah well such is gardening.

2 Aug, 2017


What a fun experiment! Are you keeping notes (necessary of your memory's like mine...)

2 Aug, 2017


Wow, they all look so good only wished I liked tomatoes :-). I've grown moneymaker in the greenhouse for OH and they are only this week ripening. The only time I ever grew them before was about 24 years ago as I was given a free packet of yellow and red stripy tomatoes but can't say what they tasted like but my ex seemed to enjoy them.

2 Aug, 2017


They all look great and tasty interesting irange on the out side red inside bet that is tasty.

2 Aug, 2017


What a lot of successes here and each one looks really delicious. I bet it was great fun watching them all grow and then sampling them!
A well thought out present :-)

2 Aug, 2017


Thanks for all the lovely comments ... have yet to taste some varieties as they are not quite ready.

2 Aug, 2017


You'll be all tomatoed out, Shirley, lol
Shame about the Russians, I was going to ask what they were like.
We decided to grow fewer plants this year & give them more space in the greenhouse. We've already eaten quite a few & are picking daily. They've all had that great tomato flavour & haven't seemed to need the sun to ripen.

3 Aug, 2017


Gf, after you've tasted a home grown tomato, be it an outdoor or greenhouse variety, you will never want a supermarket one again! At least that's my opinion.

Daughter-in-law and grandaughter visited today and have been given a selection of Tomatoes to taste. Grandaughter thinks the yellow ones will be the best ... because they are sun coloured ... bless her!

3 Aug, 2017


You'll be growing purple carrots next, lol

3 Aug, 2017


Carrots originally were purple weren't they? I seem to recall reading that once and wonderingwhy they are now orange!

3 Aug, 2017


That's true, we've got used to them being orange now though. I'm sure someone will know how that came about.

4 Aug, 2017


I believe because they were being grown in Holland a few centuries ago & the royal family were known as Orange & so the growers at that time managed to breed orange carrots that later became so popular that people forgot they used to be purple

"Orange-coloured carrots appeared in the Netherlands in the 17th century,[17] which has been related to the fact that the Dutch flag at the time included orange."

A quote from Wikipedia:

9 Aug, 2017


Well I never would have guessed that!

10 Aug, 2017


Live & learn they say!

13 Aug, 2017

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